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Saturday, January 28, 2012

NZ Media still in Stockholm syndrome with Key Government

John Key has now forced a Government appointee onto the Christchurch City Council to 'observe' - this after Key stole the South Islands democratic water council to give his greedy farmer mates more water and rammed through legislation to make Gerry Brownlee accountable to no Court in the wake of the earthquake. I love how if Labour had pulled authoritarian shit like this the NZ Herald would be calling for open rebellion - Key does it and there is mainstream media silence - lap it up sleepy hobbits.

The exact same point of how weak the media's criticisms are can be made about National's mythical budget surplus that every single one of us with the most basic grasp of economics knew would NEVER happen by 2014 which surprise, surprise Key now says might not be met now.

Same point can be made about the Crafar farm sale to China when everyone knew that's what Key would do if he won in November.

This Government are increasingly becoming more and more authoritarian and the unchecked powers they are handing themselves should be forcing some in the mainstream media to end their on going honeymoon with John Key, amusingly it hasn't.

The mainstream media seem to have Stockholm syndrome when it comes to Key. Forget my banning from Radio NZ's insipid self censorship for criticizing Key, forget that Key set the cops onto our four largest broadcasters for a tea pot tape in Epsom that was more tedious than terrible, forget TVNZ7 being sold to a shopping channel, forget the killing off of regional TV, forget the fact Sky Tv will make $120million profit due to the near monopoly position they have under National, forget that Key's electorate chairman is on NZ on Air and censoring political docos that embarrass the Government, forget all that - how about the very simple fact that in terms of media freedoms, our country has gone backwards under John Key...

NZ slips out of top 10 for freedom in the media

New Zealand has dropped out of the top 10 countries for media freedom after a year in which police searched newsrooms over the now-infamous "teapot tapes".

In its annual press freedom index, advocacy group Reporters Without Borders ranked New Zealand 13th in the world for media freedom last year - down five places from eighth in 2010.

...I personally love Key's justification for appointing his electorate chairman to NZ on Air to censor political docos...

He said Mr McElrea raised objections in response to complaints from members of the public

...oh really, that's all he was doing was it John, if that's the case, how come McElrea was complaining BEFORE the doco even went to air? He's voicing concerns about a doco that no one had seen because it hadn't screened yet? Are we to believe that McElrea is psychic? The fact McElrea is now wanting to be chairman of NZ on Air should send chills.

The much awaited expansion of search and surveillance Police powers are to be debated in the first half of this year, my fears are that these draconian expansions of Police power will be given to all State departments and the sleepy hobbits of NZ will be none the wiser or less apathetic.



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