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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finally an Australia Day I can get behind

The smug Fosters drenched manner in which Australia celebrates Australia Day has always seemed bizarre when put into context of their near genocidal racist Aboriginal history. It's like a cultural blindspot they ignore with the same fever white apartheid South Africans used to.

This flag burning anger that saw Gillard and Abbott shown the contempt they deserve is a far more appropriate image for Australia Day.



At 28/1/12 10:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

John Pilger wrote an excellent book called ' Heros ' . It's about the Australia no one talks about in polite company .

At 28/1/12 11:17 am, Blogger Ovicula said...

Actually hardly anyone drinks Fosters in Australia and a lot of them have woken up to their past. The problem is that the overt racism and bigotry that a lot of kiwis would like to display is quite acceptable over here, whereas in New Zealand it's mostly still hidden.

At 28/1/12 11:30 am, Blogger Bacchus said...

No, sorry. I fail to see why every Australian should continue ad infinitum to be ashamed of every aspect of their country and be unable to celebrate simply because of the admittedly blinkered, hateful policy of White Australia. A policy that ceased to be years before many current Australians were born, and was covert enough for many contemporaries to have even been aware of. This sounds like another spot of the rather sad, xenophobic Aussie bashing so popular (if unflattering) with Kiwis to me, pity. P.S, Fosters is more an export beer, it's used as a drench more internationally than in Aus.

At 28/1/12 7:51 pm, Blogger 3 said...



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