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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Extraditing Dotcom Euro-geeks for Hollywood

The Megaupload arrests seem to have more to do with America trying to encroach their jurisdiction into cyber space for the benefit of Hollywood's profit margin, while telling China that NZ's aquiesance shows Beijing that we are America's property.

With the Pacific increasingly becoming the proxy that China and the US will wage their new cold war through, NZ will need to work out how to play these two giants off against each other without getting crushed.

As we get closer to signing the free trade deal with America, we need to appreciate the vast level of sovereignty John Key will be signing over to American International Corporates.

The Food Bill, the East Coast oil drilling and the Megaupload arrests are all glaring examples of America's insistence that we are going home with them after the dance, and that America is not taking no for an answer.

That sound you hear is David Lange turning in his grave at the lack of an independent foreign policy.



At 26/1/12 6:00 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

With regard to your 'America's Bitch' article, (of which this appears to be a follow up):

On having recommended the link to another, their response seemed to sum things up nicely:

"The Bomber article is spot on! Good stuff- no wonder he's been banned from National Radio..."

At 27/1/12 4:26 am, Blogger jane said...

For goodness sake, NZ, get some balls! John Banks went to Dotcom's place for dinner, now he's saying he hardly knows the guy- ffs!! Plus, he was given residency, so why did the overseas investment committee have to approve his house purchase, it doesn't make sense. Either someone is really, really pissed they got beaten at Modern Warfare, or Dotcom's got information about something really huge which could scupper the whole pathetic and redunculous 'copyright' rort/red herring thing which is being used to obscure the real scandal of our time. He comes off like a party boy with the midas touch who's upset the horsey set in Coatesville, but the New Zealand hospitality industry is going to have a new yardstick by the time this bad boy is finished. I think we should remind our "democratically elected" rodeo staff to buff up the etiquette and at least get the guy a decent sized cot while he's in clink.


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