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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dirty SkyCity deal shows how to bribe Government for law changes

Is there any better example of the brutal political thuggery of buying ones own legislation than the dirty deal being quietly cut for Sky City?

The situation is this, the Government have millions to give for the building of a new convention centre in Auckland to attract more conventions and boost economic gains from having those conventions.

Proposal one is that the Edge becomes the convention centre while money goes into rebuilding the St James as an arts venue. This would strengthen Auckland Counsels business model for The Edge while restoring one of Queen streets fading jewels, the St James.

Proposal two however is Sky City taking public space for a 'convention' centre that they will pay for. The quid pro quo Agent Starling is that John Key has to loosen up the rules of the amount of pokie machines Sky City is allowed while also loosening the advertising rules so Sky city can milk more out of problem gamblers.

The reason why Proposal two is a joke is because increasingly professional industries are making it part of their ethical position NOT to hold conventions at Casinos, so the pretense that this Sky City convention centre will gain for Auckland is a nonsense, the only way Sky City will make money out of this is if they can con more locals into spending there, hence Sky City's demand to loosen the advertising regulations.

Buying policy as blatantly as this is becoming a familiar part of this Government's policy platform. Sky City will be joining the mining industry, Farmers and the wealthy as those with enough coin to buy the National Party out right.

Sleepy Hobbits reap what they sow.



At 27/1/12 10:03 am, Blogger liam said...

"...increasingly professional industries are making it part of their ethical position NOT to hold conventions at Casinos..."

Any sources for this? Genuinely interested in reading more.

At 27/1/12 1:45 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

The rich get rich per se . That's what they do . And for those who can stay rich after getting rich ? Well , those of us who are not rich had better keep a real close eye on those guys ! They're the really , really freaky ones ! I have a brilliant idea ! Lets all be rich ! All we have to do is ' borrow ' $ 43000000000000.00 and we can all have a million each ! Problem solved ! No need for the dole ! No need for worrying . No need for work . No need for Candida flapping his/her yap ! We'd all be sweeter than sweet as ! And here's how we borrow it . We lie ! Then, we borrow it with the repayment date set for 2112 ! We'll all be dead by then so who gives a fuck ! My God ! I could be the Minister of Finance ! I'm taller ! I have better hair ! You think I'm nuts ? Chasing money for the sake of chasing money is a mental illness . Take a good look at where we're heading !


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