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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Tumeke 2011 War on News Awards

Here at the Tumeke, we revel in a year of media banality and political apathy as the country slowly faces the collapse of the entire neo liberal Washington consensus hegemonic structure with all the awareness of a brain dead coma patient. When I wasn't outing neo-nazi founding members of the anti-mmp group and being banned from Radio NZ for criticizing the Prime Minister this year, I was also hosting the only political show that called the election result for National and Labour, which as a commentator, gives me bragging rights until the next election.

In a year that saw the political end to Bin Laden, Ghaddafi, Kim Jong-il, yet allowed John Banks back, we were reminded that there is no justice in the world, so without further ado, let's hand out this years contempt masquerading as awards.

'The-lidless-eye-of-Mordor-focused-on-the-vacuous' mainstream media award for hate crimes against public broadcasting goes to Close Up:
It was a close run thing this year folks, the other contender was the decision to close down TVNZ7 and whore it off to a shopping network, which is akin to using a cathedral as a brothel fronting for a meth lab. But beyond that hate crime against public broadcasting, Close Up's fetish with the banal while the global economy heralds a second depression and inequality explodes in our country is so jaw dropping it demands the sort of special recognition only napalm can justify.

Mark Sainsbury, the walrus of news, spent more time on the personal well being of Happy Feet the fucking penguin than Close Up did on child poverty. The dumbing down of the news by fluffy animal story's is nothing new, but with a steep recession people cant afford to be consumers and remember they are citizens, the media should be echoing that zeitgeist change rather than molesting it with infotainment the way our public broadcaster does.

'The-media-are-so-biased-John-Key-could-eat-a-kitten-live-on-Close-Up-and-the-NZ-Herald-editorial-would-blame-the-kitten-for-being-delicious-award of the year for propaganda goes to David Farrar.
The National Party hard right, pretending to be lite right propagandist and pollster, David Farrar, the bore of Babylon, the fallen one, he of the hoofed feet, has to be this years propagandist of choice for all occasions from bar mitzvah to military coups. That the NZ Herald allows a mouthpiece for the Government to have unchallenged space on their website speaks volumes of the Heralds continual decline into Fox News esk fair and balanced territory.

Farrar peddles soft massaged message points handed to him by the National Party death star and tepidly articulates them the way a drunk child would. Poorly and without charm. That Farrar is the source of most political stories in the mainstream media, is an indictment on our mainstream media, it's like asking Colonel Sanders how delicious his KFC is against any other deep fried chicken competitor.

How a hard right clown with all the social skills of a naked agoraphobic in an open field has managed to become the 'go to guy' on blogging suggests those going to him haven't learnt how to use google yet.

'The-George-Orwell-big-brother-is-watching-you-award for enacting a Police State surely has to go to Simon Power for ramming through the largest erosion of civil liberties with almost no debate whatsofucking ever.
We have lost the right to a jury trial for punishment between 3 months and 2 years in prison, Police can take DNA from you on mere suspicion, and retrospective law legalizing illegal loopholes used by the Police to break into private property and spy on us, caused because of their phenomenal cock up over the Urewera terror raids.

How the Police and state have been handed so much unchecked power without a whimper from the media must be this years entry for 'you are fucking joking right' - why does the Pork board need the power to spy on us in our homes? Who is a threat to the pork board? Vegetarians?

The state should never award itself these powers, and to do so as a means to pardon a police force caught out using an illegal interpretation of search warrants to mean open ended surveillance is something America would try and pull off. That our media would allow such a massive erosion of civil liberties pass without comment should forever remain a deep blot on their collective reputations, may history show them and Simon Power the disgust and justified hatred they so richly deserve for this assault on our collective rights.

The-don't-worry-be-happy-award for most amount of Prozac injected in a 12 month Calender year has to go to the Treasury.
The economy may well be burning, but no one seems to have told Treasury,their ludicrously optimistic forecasts for growth in this country would be hysterical if they weren't so woefully out. Always look on the bright side of life can't be an economic policy, yet Treasury seem to have made it so.

When they are out by as much as 3% of GDP, Ken Ring has more luck predicting earthquakes with the moon than bloody Treasury has of looking beyond their optimistic rose tinted glasses to see the current free market meltdown for what it is.

I have more chance of becoming the President of the National Party with the campaign slogan, 'higher taxes and compulsory unionism for all' than Treasury have of getting the fucking budget balanced by 2014.

'The-Shove-it-under-the-carpet-and-don't-look-at-it-award' has to go to Child Poverty. Under National 150 of the richest families in NZ gained $7billion in wealth while 200 000 children lived in poverty, our inequality rates have sky rocketed and the simple fact is we don't really give a toss because most of them are beneficiary kids. Bennie bashing is NZs favorite hobby next to rugby, alcoholism and domestic violence, we love to bash the dirty filthy Bennie, it's what separates us from educated folk.

It costs $40million per year fighting in an immoral war like Afghanistan, yet it would only cost $30million per year to feed every poor kid in every poor school throughout the country.

We live in a consumer culture where everyone thinks of themselves as a future millionaire meaning we all side with rich people arguments about not taxing the rich because we imagine ourselves rich one day and don't want the Government taxing our mythical millions we haven't created yet.

Under John Key, social justice in NZ is just another relic of the past like universal suffrage or habeas corpus.

The-swimming-against-the-tide-award' for counter productive futility has to go to the Privatization agenda launched upon by National where the only people who will afford to buy shares in assets we already own will be the top 10% John Key has already handed tax cuts out to.

It won't be mum and dad investors in NZ who buy these shares, it will be mum and dad investors from overseas who will be buying up our shares. At a time when free market ideology has died a terrible horrific death caused by its own venal greed, we are adopting even more free maker dogma? It's like being the Captain of the Titanic ordering it to swing around and hit the iceberg again.

Privatizing the NZ continental shelf is bad enough, but privatizing prisons? It's no surprise that the only ones benefiting from our incarceration rate are the newly privatized prisons who make more money when prisoners are kept in longer, despite the CEO of GEO telling the select committee into privatization of prisons that the private model will not save any money!

Crusher Collins gave an incredible answer to the question as to why we have the second highest incarceration rate in the world, her answer was, ‘because of Maori’. Note, it’s not the medieval raw meat law and order policy that Crusher Collins and the National Party have championed, it’s not the private prisons Crusher Collins was claiming would generate $1.2Billion (while costing $1.3billion), our second highest incarceration rate is not because of the right wing political manipulation of anger generated by a crime myopic media - oh no, the Prison Nation National built is all because of dem dere maoris.

The utter denial by National that they have anything to do with the punitive prison nation they have created which will now employ more people than any another department is breathtaking in it’s bare faced lie and is insulting beyond capacity that Crusher Collins would try and duck the responsibility of her Prison nation by blaming Maoris.

Judith Collins is to wise social policy what BP boss Tony Hayward is to corporate responsibility.

'The-Japanese-nuclear-reactor-award-for-melting-down' goes to ACT.
Oh God wasn't it hideous? David Garret forging dead baby certificates, Rodney Hide and Rodger Douglas using perks they once attacked, and then the corporate coup to take over ACT with Don Brash, a man so past his used by date he makes month old milk look tasty. The eventual meltdown with the Epsom Tea Party Tapes produced a homophobic dinosaur like John Banks coming back from the political graveyard to feast on the fresh brains of Epsom voters, but it is in their death spasms we see a party so divided and spent they make used toilet paper preferable.

That MANA managed to gain more votes than ACT was just joyful.

'As-relevant-as-Bill-Ralston-Award for irrelevancy has to go this year to the NZ Herald columnist, Shelley Bridgeman. Since when did being rich, white, and utterly disconnected from reality make for an interesting opinion? Reading Shelley Bridgeman is as intellectually beneficial as drinking from an open sewer, Shelley is a mother and free lance writer for the NZ Herald who puts out a weekly column on their website about her banal experiences in the middle class suburban pumpkin patch wasteland she likes to refer to as her life.

While the NZ Herald defines balance as appointing National Party masochists like David Farrar as their online political columnists, they've truly managed to outdo even their limited standards with Shelley Bridgeman's inclusion to their online squawking menagerie.

In her column, 'Not all families are equal', Shelley proclaims with the type of joy reserved for recently freed slaves or trapped miners that she gleefully defied World Health Organisation guidelines and bottle fed her daughter as the guidelines didn't take into account mothers in Remuera and Herne Bay because breast feeding led those mothers to seeking breast implants.

Open mouthed shock.

I'm sorry, too posh to push and too vain to lactate? Shelley goes onto proclaim that she feared advice to lay her daughter on her back would result in a flat head, so she would have her nanny turn the sleeping baby using a notebook to record how long the baby had slept on which side of her head. There are fully automatic weapons less precise than Shelley Bridgeman.

This intellectually flabby jowl of middle class pretension masquerading as parental advice is made offensive due to the rejoicing Shelley seems to revel in by willfully flying in the face of public health campaigns.

Why not just blow cigarette smoke into your kids face while jamming KFC double down burgers down their throat while we're at it? Justifying bottle feeding because you don't want to ruin your figure is honest in a bad way Shelley and rejecting advice on Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant syndrome by having your nanny turn your sleeping babies head on the hour isn't a solution most people outside the NZ rich list could afford.

After this astounding voyage of self delusion, the NZ Herald had to turn the comments feature off Shelley's blog due to, and I quote, "the number of inappropriate posts". Yeah, people let Shelley know what they thought about her concerns.

She's so the 'daddy I want a golden goose now' type of writer. I suspect she votes the way hubby tells her to.

The-throwing-a-tantrum-like-Cameron-Slater-did-by-leaving-Citizen-A-award-for-childish-behavior has to go to Cactus Kate.
I have to be honest, I'm not sure what I loved most, hauling up Kate's hate mongering words aimed at the poor and their 'breeding' habits which eventually killed off her chances at becoming an ACT list candidate or watching her squirm by my presence at Matthew Hooten's post election party.

Cathy Odgers never thought her venom towards the poor would ever have to be justified and watching her pathetically back pedal after her candidacy was announced was almost as much fun as watching her inability to socialize beyond a keyboard at Hooton's party. Her, Farrar and Slater refused to turn up as a protest against my attendance until Fran O'Sullivan texted her and told her to stop being such a child. She eventually turned up but sat outside and pulled the kind of sour face I make from strenuous bowel movements.

Cathy in person is what drinking is to driving, like Slater and Farrar, she exhibits the same social awkwardness of self conscious teenagers which helps forgive their feral online right wing gibberish because ultimately they are just terribly lonely people (ever notice how Farrar's holiday photos never have anyone else in them)?

That said Cathy continues to be one of the best voices for the right on the blogosphere, which in turn shows you how low that threshold actually is.

And finally ladies and gentlemen, the 'Sleepy-Hobbits-have-spoken-award-for-political-sadomasochism goes to the election of John Key.

How a money trader peddling vacant aspiration has managed to make it so far in NZ politics is perhaps a signal that no one is paying attention anymore because invoking policy that only benefits those already wealthy to the detriment of the majority and getting away with it is surely this years greatest scam. The election was one of the lowest turn outs in 120 years, which isn't surprising as almost everyone has left for Australia.

John Keys love affair with the media was only ruined when he attacked the media during the election and had the police heavy them so with that much uncritical coverage, I'm surprised John Key didn't win by 80%.

If I have to put up with anymore 'I grew up in a State House' bullshit, I think I'm going to vomit. Welfare in the 1960s was gold plated, these days it is shit encrusted. Key walks around in a bubble world disconnected from the reality facing those he rules, his empty optimism is fine for a teenage girl hosting the Breakfast show on The Edge, but not for the leader of a country. Hey, if I had $50million and a Hawaiian mansion, I'd be pretty fucking optimistic as well, but the utter shallow depth of Key is what staggers the most. When he wasn't camp mincing on catwalk runways, mocking detractors of the RWC party central an hour before it almost became a public safety hazard and making cannibalism jokes about Maori, he was telling those needing food parcels that their need was their own fault and explaining to Church leaders that if he cut the benefit to everyone, that 'bugger all would die'. The callous disregard for those Key can't relate to is chilling as is the blind faith so many have put into him to run the country.

In the cold 3 years ahead, all those who oppose the implementation of hard right economic policy as social policy should remind themselves that National only gained 32% of the enrolled electorate, that means 68% DID NO VOTE for this right wing bullshit.

We are the majority, they are not.

- Radio NZs self censorship (their ridiculous justifications for banning me changed daily)
- NZ Listener pretending to be a current affairs magazine (for a Magazine that spends so much time sucking the arsehole of the National Party, you have zero credibility)
- Baby boomers (this venal and greedy generation sold out any idealism they once had when challenging the status quo and now feed like a blood sucking leech on the State while denying Gen Xers any leadership role to clean up the mess they have now created. This bloated locust plague who got their education for free and property speculated Gen Xers out of home ownership must be culled.)
- Simon Bridges not getting into Cabinet (he is ridiculously talented for a National Party MP)
- Grant Robertson becoming deputy leader of the Labour Party - if the answer is Grant Robertson, the question must have been, how can Wellington be unhelpful.
- The demotion of David Cunliffe

- The rebirth of Metro being relevant.
- iPredict beating every other news organization and bullshit landline telephone polls by predicting National and Labour right.
- Jon Stephenson and Nikky Hager for showing everyone how real journalism is done.
- Patrick Gower and Duncan Garner for taking it to politicians the way meth addicts take it to the glass pipe
- The Arab Spring
- The Occupy movement
- Running Israeli blockades to get aid into Gaza
- protests in Russia
- TV3s coverage of the earthquake, John Campbell was amazing
- The Court Report
- Backbenchers
- Coco Solids 'Pacific Rims' mix tape
- Everything Ladi 6 did this year.
- Jacinda Ardern and David Shearer advancing to the dizzy heights of the Labour Party Coven.



At 27/12/11 11:25 am, Blogger pollywog said...

shot bro !!!

At 27/12/11 12:48 pm, Blogger Shona said...

bloody excellent summation Bomber. Enjoy Patau. You deserve it.

At 27/12/11 2:49 pm, Blogger Chris Trotter said...

Cathy - Martyn

Martyn - Baby-Boomers

Pot - Kettle

At 27/12/11 3:01 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Chris - Dull

At 27/12/11 5:02 pm, Blogger Wingate said...

Lazy- ignorant, ill informed, bigoted, naive, stupid, over opinionated ... yes that sums up NZ journalists.

As for the sideline freak-shows of-the Porcupine Backbiter Kate, Freakshow Farrar and the Manic Sloth Slater, in the name of military science these weirdo’s should be made to bred with each other just to observe the ignorance they produce for potential weaponisation application.

It’s their style of idiot thinking that has destroyed NZ to where it is today- socially stuffed and economically bankrupt. If NZ has a civil war I look forward to seeing them all lined up and shot. I bags the job.

At 27/12/11 7:38 pm, Blogger Ross Calverley said...

Martyn, Simon Bridges' censorship policy seemed to be implemented at Radio NZ for one person...

At 28/12/11 8:14 am, Blogger Frank said...

I just read Shelley Briddgeman's piece.

Oh. My. God.

My jaw dropped.

It appears that the NZ Herald will now publish any bizarre, ignorant drivel as long as the writer is au fait with stringing sentences together?!

Christ-on-a-stick, no wonder they disabled the comments section!!!

Bridgeman is the sort of crank that ACT is looking for.

At 28/12/11 8:19 am, Blogger Frank said...

Oh, and you left out one Award, Bomber; the "It-Will-Come-Back-To-Bite-Us-On-Our-Bums Award".

I give that award to the 1,058,638 New Zealanders who voted National - despite 66% stating that they opposed Asset Sales.

Yeah, good one, New Zealanders. Voting for something you don't want. That'd be like me sticking a fork into a power-point and then wondering why I got an electric shock.

No wonder our Aussie cuzzies look down on us.

At 28/12/11 3:15 pm, Blogger Tim said...

When did Chris Trotter turn into such a fuckwit over certain issues?
Please...enlighten me, I've been out of touch for a while.

Chris T: you're in danger of becoming as out of touch with "flax roots" (to use an over-used term) reality as you think your critics are.
I was expecting people like David Slack, or even Kathryn Ryan to turn into total knobs well before your ever did. (We'll make allowances for the latter - she can;t help it...plus she's got a little network of "best (media) friends" diresting her ego.

I'm so out of touch I've come back to find there is a certain cohort worrying about Guyon Espiner jumping ship and fawning all over her as though she was some sort of sage, all the while celebrating her engagement to some 26 year old.

Jesus H Christ...this is obviously NZ the way they want it. I think I should fuck off again offshore where I can hitch my wagon to some other notion of nation. NZ as an enterprise sure as hell is one notion of nation that is entirely fucked!!!

At 28/12/11 8:04 pm, Blogger jane said...

You're soo right Frank- it's like getting butt implants when you know they're industrial grade silicone.

At 29/12/11 12:34 am, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

John Campbell for coverage of the ChCh quake . . .??? Give me a fuckin' break !! he was an ill informed idiot,telling us there's no history of quakes in canterbury. Right!!, that would explain why we have SO many pioneer cobb cottages in canty . . . Oh thats right . . there isn't any !! Because they all FELL DOWN in the Fuckin' large earthquakes that PLAGUED the Canterbury / North canterbury areas from 1888 thru till the the early 1900's, topling cathederals towers, etc,. etc. I cant stand to watch him anymore. the total lack of research was astounding. That and some other campbell hysteria has lost me I'm afraid.

At 29/12/11 3:58 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ahh Yip ! Aw have done watched all that there Christmas television and ya know what ? My IQ has been and got up and an gone an shit ! Onna good side an shit ! I now have a steam broom that makes tha cat go curly iffin yawl can stand all that there screamin' and clawin an shit , an shit ! I have a weight loss programme that made my sister/ wife/girlfriend/mother combo anorexic an shit . I have no pimples no more neither but I do have a rash that , that there anti pimple cream gave me .... but I have a cream for that too . Oh ! An them there God lovin' fellers on tha Tee Vee in tha morning done told me I was a sinner and now I found God an shit I can sin my heart out an all I have to do is pay them there fellers some money an it all goes away ! Whoooooeeeeeeeee ! Slap that Hog Boy ! But you done knowd what is done best ovem all ? I learned that , them there National Government fellers is gonna fix us all up good ! I hear they's gonna fuck us all over and I like to fuck ! Jus' ask my post christmas Tee Vee order , sister/ wife/girlfriend/mother combo ... iffin yawl can find her body .

At 29/12/11 4:13 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ok , ok ! I'm back and no . Christmas TV didn't make me any dumber than I already was . Why the Pork Board Bomber ? Because that arch cunt roger the dodger douglas is a creepy pig farmer . I don't mean he farms creepy pigs ... if you know what I mean . If you need to hide something , you need to know who your most trusted cronies are ...and of how to keep them in line . Chris Trotter ! Semantics mate . And Jeezus ! What's with that photograph of you ? Oooooeeeee ! While I'm no oil painting .... And perhaps most importantly of all check out this scary fucking nightmare comin' at ya ! P.S. Sorry about the cunt word .

Grow a few spuds , peas and a kumara and Monsanto could sue you and/or shoot you !!! Happy fucking holidays Kiwis !


Main problems with Food Bill 160-2 :

1. Home & small growers who grow small amounts of food and sell locally NEED to be exempt - they are not.
2. Seeds for cultivation and food seedlings NEED TO NOT BE within the definition ‘food’ under the Bill. (This is huge – imagine you not
being able to produce seed and give away!!). This sounds crazy but seeds will be ‘explicitly controlled substances’ (like drugs) –
seriously. Why? Not sci-fi – in time whoever controls the food chain protects their own interests. (This is so unbelievable that I believe
this is why we are not acting.)
3. Under the Food Bill, Police acting as Food Safety Officers can raid premises without a warrant, using all equipment
they deem necessary – including guns (Clause 265 –1) (What is the precedent for this? Why is this necessary?)
4. Members of the private sector can also be Food Safety Officers, as at Clause 243. Eg. Monsanto employees can raid premises –
including marae – backed up by armed police. (This has never happened before or needed to happen).
5. AND Food Safety Officers have immunity from criminal and civil prosecution. What is the precedent for this?

At 2/1/12 5:20 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

very prolific dude, such a big read though for we are sloth like creatures do0 you think we can switch off trotter for New year resolution Yeah no more Trotterski

At 3/1/12 3:36 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Sleepy Hobbits Indeed. It's now January 3 and an unrelated issue to this post. Obama has just announced indefinite detention of terrorism suspects. Not a mention ANYWHERE in the NZ press! (OR even for that matter 'alternative' press).
Frank the cnut Bainimaramaramaramaramamaramararma has just taken the advice of his newly appointed American spin doctors all paid for by ripping off people's pension funds - and no doubt the wet media (Graham Davises; all those "Pacific experts" - one resident in Kapiti, others who've had a few years residency in Fiji and could assure us all they empathise and have an INTIMATE knowledge of the Fijian soul, and EVEN Wallace - they'll all probably be thinking one small step for man, one giant leap for Fijian manking.
Christ our media is fucked - it ain't just mainstream media either!!!
Apparently the world stops for what we (actually ONLY the NZ mainstream media) refer to as 'the silly season.
Even SKY NEWS Australia cover some pretty basic things.
Where are the journalists?
I venture to suggest - half way up their own asses

At 3/1/12 6:07 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Anyone still in doubt about NZ Herald's true loyalties need go no further than this http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10776400 disgusting piece of gutter journalism.

Several thousand lonely and/or impoverished Aucklanders celebrated Xmas together at the annual City Mission Xmas lunch.
Most had a good time celebrating a festival notable for the misery and suicides which wreak anguish amongst the less fortunate forced to confront their miserable situation at Xmas. So did the Herald celebrate this evidence of genorosity?

Of course not! Generosity leads to charity which could become egalitarianism of the sort New Zealand's original architects created and nutured for so long, to the chagrin of the then unfulfilled 1%.
So the herald published the whinges of some mean-spirited scrooge visiting Auckland from Tauranga who was horified to see people enjoying themselves at the Xmas lunch, instead of patting generous kiwis on the back.

Where will it end? Every good puritan knows that it is the job of the poor to be miserable at all times. In fact it is the poor's inability to fulfil that role which has had NZ's scrooges demanding that their [strike] social security [/strike] welfare be slashed then terminated.

Otherwise higher taxes may force the NZ Herald's foreign owners to spend even more on expensive Queen St accountants & lawyers, in order to keep avoiding their New Zealand obligations.

At 3/1/12 9:59 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Candid, it's hot you created a profile just to comment here, I like getting under your skin that much, but a couple of things

1- I didnt say Labour would win, I explained what hey needed to do to win.
2 - the Matt McCarten in Mana by election was a joke piece done for he war on news
3 - I predicted the formation of Mana, and said they could win 4 if they got over 3.5%
4 - ipredict, the show I produced, wrote and hosted called the election, that's terribly satisfying.

You make sure to drop by again sometime.

At 4/1/12 7:28 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Grin - great to know I get under you skin so much candid.

At 4/1/12 8:43 am, Blogger Candid said...

Smug old guys like yourself have that impact on me

At 4/1/12 11:31 am, Blogger countryboy said...

' Candid ' ? Who's ' Candid ' ? Another luddite lost in the Dark Ages ?

At 6/1/12 11:30 am, Blogger Andrzej said...

Concerned about the state of New Zealand television? Why not sign the petition to rebroadcast Stratos and secure public service television in New Zealand:


I know I am sick to death of selective lies broadcast as news and high production, abysmally poor quality garbage masquerading as programming from the Hunnic States of America. What legitimacy does a government have when home grown efforts to produce television with substance are starved to death in favour of foreign corporate garbage? This is increasingly the trend in this country, where we are presided over by a rabble that regards it’s self as a new aristocracy and rules over us with all the arrogance and ignorance to boot. Not one bit of support or faith is placed in this country’s people whom constitute the life of the place.

Now the televised indigestion that is Sky TV (repeats over repeats) is now spreading its tentacles, with government support, into the public sphere with Igloo TV. This is our ruler’s vision of improving broadcasting? I hope many see sense and don’t swallow this garbage and see it end up as cold as its name, dead cold.

I often wonder perhaps, there is an agenda to see the humble and destitute of this country f-off so the wealthy can establish a country club nation for themselves. After all with the rising turmoil across the planet, an isolated land like NZ will provide a perfect safe haven. The simpleton farmer and remaining brain-dead citizen (who laps up the drivel of “quality” TV) will cater for their every need and whim. If you’re Maori, you’ll either constitute the world’s largest Maori population in Australia or remain here in prison.

Perhaps this aristocracy is rapidly approaching the point where their vision means they are long overdue a rendezvous with Madam Guillotine?

I hope this year, and for that matter, the next three years see plenty of input into Petition Online NZ. Hopefully the noise will unsettle this “aristocracy” and their beloved Pimp-Minister Jonkey. After all it will be sure as hell more comforting than the sound of silence. Who knows? Maybe National and the ruling elite worldwide are on the right track? Their campaign of slash and burn, will hopefully awake the masses from their comatose slumber so they can deliver them justice!

At 7/1/12 8:10 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Andrzej ! Bravo ! Dead on the money ! We Kiwis are being groomed for a take over . Call me paranoid if you must ! Somethings up ! Ask yourself ? Big ? Rich ? Clean ? Fit ? Healthy ? Beautiful ? All but empty ? Warm and safe ? Surrounded by nothing but a vast ocean ? New Zealand ! OUR fucking land ! Not theirs , the off shore , corporate fucks ! Buy New Zealand made , or better still make it yourself ! Eat New Zealand grown , or better still , grow it yourself ! Save and self-insure or buy second hand and tell your insurance company to go fuck themselves ! Do Not Do Debt ! Nice stuff is sexy ... until it's out of date next year . Debt is not sexy and as time goes by , gets less so until you'd hack your leg off to get shot of it ! Hassle the fuck out of your rich , lazy MP ! Write letters , post quotes , get your opinions out there . You never know what impact you might have ! Show no fear ! Make those whom you pay , work for the money THEY insist YOU pay them ! Insist on transparency ! Don't believe a fucking thing politicians say if they've made decisions that affect us , behind closed doors !
To all you neo-right wing supporters ! You are wrong ! Wake up ! You too are being conned ! Think about it ! Don't be corralled by a closed mind ! Ask ! Ask where our money is ! Ask where our assets are ! Ask why there are hungry kids in New Zealand ! ( Don't you fucking dare say , it's their fault if they can't get off their arses and work for it , like we had to do ! ) Ask why our own , home grown food is rapidly becoming unaffordable to 60 % of the population ! Ask , is it ok that 1% of our population became billions of dollars richer while the poor carry our vital tax responsibilities ! Have you not noticed that the same bastards who espouse less tax , can't wait to sell of the very assets our taxes paid for ! What the fuck is that about ? Why is that ok ! ? Wake up ! We're being lied to and conned ! WAKE UP ! Unite and Fight ! No more asset sales ! No more private deals ! No more one way only , free market dogma ! Lets flush them out and make them answerable for what they've done to us ! No more fucking infomercials , for Gods sake ! No more shrieking american trying to convince us we should look like anorexic cross dressers ! But most important of all ... No more Knight Rider ! For pity's sake ! That hair , not the hair ! I have very little and the envy of Hoffs locks drives me more nuts than I am !


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