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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Shearer vs Cunliffe: The Nation and Q+A current affairs review

The Nation
Any pretense by the right wing blogs that Shearer is the man to fight Key have been shattered in the last 24 hours by The Nation interview.

While some on the left seem to happy to allow David Farrar to select the next leader of the Labour Party, their breathless endorsement of Shearer looks pretty high and dry in the wake of his performance against Cunliffe in the debate.

Look, I love David Shearer, think he'll make an incredible Education Minister, but sweet Jesus, his performance on this debate was shockingly woeful, that performance makes it crystal clear that he is not ready to take Key on from day one and that the Labour Party Coven are about to make a terrible mistake in his selection.

If they fuck this up, they'll spend the next 3 years staring down another defeat and everyone will know it once the leadership starts.

Cunliffe as a cusp Gen Xer represents a generational change for the Labour Party, the age difference between Shearer and Cunliffe is the generational difference between an iPod and a new model iPad.

And we don't live in an ipod world any longer.

The Labour Party Coven must look at who can beat Key in 2014, based on this performance on the Nation, that answer is Cunliffe.

After helping National get elected, Q+A are now looking at the Labour Party leadership. When will Q+A be hosted by David Farrar? Thank God it's the last one for the year, I haven't seen anyone from Q+A admit their bullshit mainstream media political polls were wrong.

Wasn't baby boomer wannabe and Q+A producer Tim Watkins awful on Pundit blog this week?

Just awful.

Cunliffe vs Shearer debate is on, Cunliffe is far quicker on his feet, and as a cusp Gen Xer, Cunliffe has the generational edge.

Gen Xers are the generation that will have to clean up the mess the baby boomers have created, and Gen Xers are sick of listening to a generation who gained their education for free and used their wealth to property speculate Gen Xers out of owning their first home. It's time for the bloated locust generation of the baby boomers to move out of the way for the next generation of leaders to start making the changes.

Q+A have admitted that the global economic situation is in meltdown, congrats, that's a point Tumeke was making 3 years ago.


How is this current affairs? I bet NZ on Air shovels more taxpayer money into this.

WestPac is on when it was Westpac who were claiming this year would be amazing for the NZ economy.

Oh the laughter, I love watching rich people squirm as the realization that this is a genuine crises of capitalism becomes more and more apparent. The Washington neo liberal consensus is in collapse, it's as simple as that.

Nice to see Q+A finally understanding that.



At 4/12/11 10:44 am, Blogger slydixon said...

Cusp Gen Xer? Whats this coloured as opposed to black?

At 4/12/11 12:01 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Having watched Q+A and "The Nation", it occurs to me that Shearer may not be the one to take on Key...

And yet...

Maybe Shearer's lack of political finesse and "ordinaryness" may be what finally appeals to the electorate.

The politicians who have fared best are those who come across aas "apolitical". I'm thinking of Ronald Reagan (cowboy, actor, everyone's uncle) and John Key(state house boy made good, businessman, family bloke on the BBQ).

Of course, there was nothing apolitical about either of them. But in the end, I guess it's perceptions that really count to STASPs (short-term attention spanners).

Cunliffe comes across as polished and experienced. He generally knows his stuff.

May be would be the right person to lead Labour...

But there's something about Shearer that hints that we shouldn't give up on him yet. As the old saying goes, it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

At 4/12/11 2:56 pm, Blogger Tim said...

They've all been influenced by various baubles, the cult of celebrity and a totally fucked media that means they pander to it in different ways.
I'd go with Shearer, except that he's yet to PROVE a POLITICAL disposition that favours Joe Average rather than Joe Sellfish.
One thing to sympathise, another to empathise.
Let 'em both play out their spiels.
No doubt for the average 'consumer' of mainstream media it'll be like an episode of "How do you solve a problem like Maria"...but for others (when they wake up from their slumber), they'll realise it's a lot more serious

At 4/12/11 3:28 pm, Blogger First time dad said...

I wish Shearer had done better, I was wanting him to become the leader, but I have serious doubts after watching his performance on The Nation and Q+A. Can't seem to warm to David Cunliffe tho.

I think people would LIKE David Shearer, and I think that is important, since John Key is, mostly, well liked.

No idea how I would vote if I was in their position.

At 4/12/11 11:40 pm, Blogger Canichett said...

The problem is, that elections are won or lost on television. Parliament, the news, current affairs, all show off the leader on television. Remember Bill Rowling, from many accounts a brilliant man, yet he was terrible on television, and Muldoon destroyed him. Sadly, it's even more like that now, so Cunliffe with his self-assured manner on television would have to be my selection for leader. He's ready to hit the ground running, great in Parliament too. Shearer hasn't shone in Parliament as yet. I feel he would need a large dose of media training to appear more confident and assured. He may already be those things, but the perception is that he is hesitant and uncertain. Just my opinion!

At 5/12/11 3:57 am, Blogger Rangi said...

I would support Cunliffe 100% if it wasn't for him choosing someone as pedestrian as Nanaia as his running mate.

She has been in parliament so long yet has done sweet FA for her electorate.

At 5/12/11 9:15 am, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

Who ever wins the Labour leader race, I hope they can stop the Party’s ridiculous lurch to socialism and return to their centrist ways of old. Labour leaders now need to pull themselves together and try once again to align their economic policies to that of the ruling regime. The report presenting the individual wealth of the governing party is refreshing evidence that the economy is still in safe hands. The report highlights the fact that National MPs have all demonstrated their economic expertise thru their thorough & informed understanding of Private Trust laws. Well done Nats. Interestingly enough, MP Cam Cadler, has financial interests in a French ruin and this lead me to wonder if it is Bridgette Bardot? If so (& I certainly hope so), perhaps the govt. is thinking about introducing more policies similar to France’s National Front Party? I suspect Paula Bennett has already studied Ms BB and friends’ agenda and hence we now have sensible welfare strategies such as the one supporting single mothers ‘to get up & go’ when their little ones have started to toddle around, and & they have floated the idea of encouraging voluntary sterilisation of those not really fit to breed. Vive Le France!!

At 5/12/11 3:45 pm, Blogger Benjamin said...

People keep worrying about how the next Labour leader comapres to National... I reckon they got some stiff competition in Metiria and Russell as well.

Personally I hope what we are witnessing is a shift in the majority left to favor the greens over labour, relegating labour to minor party status. That would very much make the next 3 years very interesting.


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