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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

RIP Waitakere Man

With the Labour Party leadership contest getting bitchy and the issue coming down to who can sway the middle voters to decamp from National and back to the traditional party of the workers, I'll make only a few observations:

When Grant Robertson (who covets the deputy post) was asked why he was backing Shearer he didn't say anything about philosophy or ideology or policy or principle - he simply said it was because that is who he thought could win against John Key at the next election. Hmmm. And he said he had "political experience" that Shearer lacked. Like being at the NZ University students association forever and being a total careerist product of the Labour machine flitting from one government job to the next - as if that was a qualification for leadership? Hmmm.

And Labour's philosopher-at-large, Chris Trotter's definition of the Labour Party's problem as connecting with a mythical "Waitakere Man" has taken a blow after he died. NZ Herald:

Waitakere man [...] died instantly after the spinning propeller of his homemade hovercraft struck his head during a test run on Muriwai Beach, west of Auckland, on July 31 this year.

Coroner JP Ryan said an inspection by a marine engineer and ship surveyor who has experience with hovercraft found the hovercraft was "structural on the light side, and that structural failures were inevitable".

The engineer's report found the "overall condition of the craft creates an impression of urgency by the owner to make the hovercraft functional, well before it was viable or safe to do so", Coroner Ryan wrote.

"This is indicated by a significant number of aspects of the construction which had not been completed prior to the test run, such as a mechanism for steering the craft, a seat and seatbelt for the pilot, and a safety grill for the lift fan."

What a way to go. Using this tragedy as an analogy is tempting: No steering, no seat and a big rush, structural failure - sounds like the way to lose an election.


At 7/12/11 4:22 pm, Blogger Marty Mars said...

don't like this post tim - that person died in front of their family - enough said really - no need to use the tragedy to score political points IMO.

At 7/12/11 4:39 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Australia's looking better by the day aye Tim. Perhaps somewhere in the Blue Mountains, maybe one of those rural mid-NSW or Victorian towns on a river, or even Quoinslan!
One thing's for sure...this NZ gubbermint is confirming it's based on failed ideological considerations with a leader and his minions that really aren't that bright - the ones that learn a 'system' parrot fashion and push it - even if it's like that 'shit uphill' saying.
Oh well...harder they rise, harder they fall as the saying goes

At 8/12/11 12:24 am, Blogger Robin said...

Seriously, condolences to Alastair Senior's family and friends.

At 8/12/11 9:16 am, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Marty, yeah it's a bit clumsy. I didn't want to make it personal that is why I deleted the name in the quote (the title otherwise would have been "Senior moment"), but being killed by your own home-made hovercraft on Muriwai beach - that's the way any self-respecting Westy would want to go. It is quintessentially Waitakere man.


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