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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random act

NZ Herald:

A woman has been taken by ambulance after an abseiling mishap during an entertainment show in Aotea Square.

The show was part of a series of street acts, put on by The Edge and The Big Little City called "Random Acts" which started today and is set to run through to Christmas.

Witnesses said the woman had been playing the part of 'Seaweed' along with two other acrobats who were dressed as a mermaid and a crab.

She fell from the top of the cinema building in front of an audience of ten people.

She was said to have been conscious after her fall, but left a pool of blood at the scene after she was carried away.

Terrible and shocking... an audience of ten!? People are risking their lives to entertain the public and only ten people show up. What's the point?


At 6/12/11 2:54 pm, Blogger dee said...

lmao,i would of loved to of been thee eleventh freaked out spectator. Will she do it again? its a crowd drawer!


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