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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mr Ready vs Mr Likable for Labour Party Coven Leadership

It's David Shearer vs David Cunliffe for the Leader of the Labour Party but more important than who will win is the fact that it's two Aucklanders, so either way Auckland wins and loses. The grueling selection process is like a masturbation race using a cheesegrater, sure there's a winner at the end of it, but who would want you afterwards?

In one corner we have the hunger of David Cunliffe with all the ambition of a middle class family trying to move into a Grammar zone, he is as ready as an AK-47 to take it to John Key from day one.

In the other corner is Labour's answer to Fozzy bear, David Shearer who is loved because he isn't David Cunliffe. Shearer's main attraction is he's likable, meaning Labour should look at putting up a kitten, a baby monkey hugging a toy and an otter doing some cutsy thing with it's hands to fill out the Deputy, Finance and Education portfolios.

As a political purist, I find that we would select the leader of our country on likability as inane as demanding your pilot is likable. I don't care how often my pilot smiles, I care he can fly me and land me in one piece, that said, perhaps David Shearer is onto something, NZ just handed absolute power to John Key to sell the entire continental shelf of NZ off and NZers did that because they 'like' John Key.

If our election has been degraded down to the like button on Facebook, perhaps we should apologize to David Cunliffe right now. Sorry Mr Cunliffe, you are simply too intelligent and talented for NZ.



At 7/12/11 7:51 am, Blogger jane said...

I agree, if Labour is going to survive with any credibility it needs a younger leader. The tide is going to suddenly change on the babyboomers and any hint of 'nice' is going to be a minus because the gouging has already started and every day a vital organ will be extracted. I can't see Shearer getting blood on his hands.

At 7/12/11 8:05 am, Blogger sdm said...

Bomber you seem to be yearning for a return to the old days, where policy and substance was all that mattered. The fact is, the like button on facebook is modern politics. It doesnt tick the boxes of the political purists, but thats reality.

John Key is the guy you want to have a beer with. Cunliffe is publically more cerebral, more a policy guy. Thats fine, but that doesnt necessarily equate to winning. And, as Trotter points out, until Labour wins back the 'Waitakere Man' it will sit in opposition.

The only question Labour should be asking is "who gets us the centre back". The Waitakere man - the young couple with a big mortgage and a baby - thats where the voters are.

At 7/12/11 1:31 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

What a load of bullish Scott! Please don't pretend to have the imagination to suggest you could even comprehend what I yearn for.

I'll remember your words when Shearer is being ripped to pieces by John Key in a one on one debate.

At 7/12/11 3:40 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

I don't want to have a beer with John Key and have no idea why anyone else would. Maybe Stockholm syndrome? I'd prefer Cunliffe because Crosby and Textor will be able to marginalise Shearer as nice but ineffective.


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