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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Labour Party gamble on Shearer

The Labour Party coven have selected David Shearer as their Messiah in their version of political X Factor. Now he's won, he'll be healing sick children on a tour of provincial Shopping Malls between the hours of 10am, 11am, and 1pm with a matinee session on Saturday's.

In yet another example of intergenerational theft, a baby boomer has stiffed a Gen Xer for a job. The younger cusp Gen-X Cunliffe has been denied leadership for another bloody baby boomer. Yay, their bloated locust generation hangs on yet again, denying Gen Xers their rightful generational leadership.

When will these damned boomers die? Oh that's right, they won't, they'll keep pouring our taxes into the preservation of their life spans while we work longer with a higher retirement age.

I expect to retire under these rules when I reach 90.

Don't mention Grant Robertson to me, if he's the answer the question must have been, 'how can Wellington be unhelpful'.

Fresh from washing the tear gas out of his UN designated suit, David Shearer as the new leader of the Labour Party must first decide what embassy to banish David Cunliffe to while keeping as far away from John Key for the first 2 years as humanly possible.

The strategy used by the Labour Party Coven is simple, pick someone NZ will like more than John Key and hope the electorate have tired of National in 3 years. It doesn't sound like much of a strategy, and that's because it's not much of a strategy.

When the John Key dingo picks up the David Shearer baby in his jaws on the first day of Parliament and violently rips the David Shearer baby limb from limb and slinks off licking it's bloodied maw, leaving the David Shearer baby shredded on the floor of the debating chamber, the 'but David Shearer is likable' mantra chanted by far right bloggers like David Farrar, will suddenly sound very hollow and slightly disingenuous.

Shearer needs to be a hell of a lot more than likable for this gamble to work (his TV performances during the debate were terrible) and one wonders if the rest of the lazy caucus who sat on their hands while Goff roasted are being a twee bit audacious to place all the responsibility for Labour's fortunes on Shearer's green shoulders.

Time will tell.



At 14/12/11 2:29 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"Shearer needs to be a hell of a lot more than likable for this gamble to work..."

Oh, I dunno, Bomber. It seems to have worked for Dear Leader.

Personally, I think Labour should have put "Happy Feet" in as party Leader. Key would've been Gone By Lunchtime.

At 15/12/11 3:55 pm, Blogger fatty said...

heppy feet would be a winner...I was thinking an all black... preferably one with an alcohol problem and a domestic violence record

At 15/12/11 4:53 pm, Blogger Shona said...

On to it as usual Bommber. It's just so fucking depressing. Hope you get a break from the BS over the summer apart from the net I have removed all political newz from my life. Focussing on family and getting back to the simple life in the sticks b4 the 2014 bloodbath where NZ First will get 10% of the vote and the Greens 20% Labour won't get more than 20% under Sherarer and Robertson.

At 16/12/11 10:13 pm, Blogger Fern said...

Quite right, Bomber. Key didn't win because he was likeable; he won because his PR team made him appear likeable.

At 18/12/11 8:21 pm, Blogger MikeK said...

So all old people should now quit there jobs and go live under a bridge somewhere? I was born in 1963. A baby boomer by one year and 6 months. Thats all it would have taken for me to be all innocent and blameless. You dont maybe think that these distinctions are a little arbitrary? It reminds me of all the spoilt brats that grow up and find a councellor to tell them that all their problems are because they had bad parents. Hitler also made those with little spine feel good about themselves by telling them they could blame some other group of people. Time to wake up and smell the roses. Sure we are in the shit but the battle lines are not where you put them. I also am one of the 99%. David Shearer is not bad just because he was born the wrong side of some arbitrary line. You are beginning to sound an older, bitterer person than any baby boomer I know


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