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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Greedy Farmers set to get more from our Asset sales

Now National have won with such a resounding victory, there can't really be any claim that they don't have a mandate to flog off anything not nailed down to the overseas investment clique. Key has spent 3 years promising to privatize assets, you can't suggest he has a hidden agenda, he's been really open about his hidden agenda.

So we will now sell assets we already own to subsidize South Island farmers for irrigation infrastructure that steals and pollutes more water at a time when their product is returning them more money than ever before so they can really pay for their own bloody $400 million dollar irrigation infrastructure can't they?

Just think about that - $400 million subsidy funded by selling our assets for the richest industry in NZ, when it would cost 10% of that to feed every child in NZ in every one of the poorest schools of our country.

Bravo National, managing to con the electorate into that is Machiavellian genius on a Fox News level.



At 1/12/11 8:46 am, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

Glad to see you’ve toned down your language Bomber and are finally acknowledging the Fox Channel as a great way to disseminate information for the wider public good. If only we had our own – Michael Laws could be NZ’s home-grown Bill O – an obvious choice and he could then threaten the ill-informed with impunity. Thru a local Fox Channel, National would finally get to explain their policies to people in South Auckland, using lots of diagrams, repetition and music to really get the message across. If this were to happen, we’d soon wrest those votes away from people like Metiria Turei (who will never be a grandfather).
But Bomber, I worry about the way you use words and certain terminology to demonize people like NZ farmers. Farming is the backbone of our economy as you say, and calling them ‘greedy’ is unpatriotic and if we had our own Fox channel being unpatriotic would be a serious offense I’m just trying to be positive and saying labels don’t help. I believe that in the interests of fair play, we should take care how and when certain terminology is used. For example, my sister (who has a daughter on the benefit) has accused me of being something called a ‘liberal fascist’. I reminded her that our father served in the NZ Army during WW2, fighting against the German Nazi regime, and he suffered serious intestinal injuries in Invercargill (or Gore – I can’t quite remember). I told my sister in no uncertain terms, that in memory of dear Dad and his suffering, I strongly object to being labelled with terms such as liberal. So Bomber, be careful how you use words and buy a dictionary.

At 3/12/11 12:08 am, Blogger Frank said...

$1.5 billion to subsidise broadband for tyhe telcos...

$400 million to subsidise irrigation for farmers...

$X millions subsidies to big business and agriculture, from taxpayers...

Damn, who said socialism was dead? It's sure as heck alive and kicking - for businesses, anyway.


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