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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Does the Maori Party understand what the word 'negotiation' actually means?

When they're President wasn't accidentally dumping Pita Sharples as co-leader at airport interviews, the Maori Party's style of negotiation came under scrutiny this week. Before the specials have even been counted, the Maori Party are cutting a deal with John Key, even though, if they waited and with a downgrading of National's vote, they could have a stronger hand by holding the majority.

Normally negotiation is aimed at getting the best deal one can, the Maori Party however like to negotiate from a position of weakness. They must have decided that after 3 years, why change that strategy now?

Incidentally Ken Mair not knocking Michael Laws out is just more proof that if you want he job done, don't trust the Maori Party to do it



At 8/12/11 2:49 pm, Blogger Kap said...

How many pakeha voted for Mana Party? Mana Party is a coalition political party it is not tuturu Māori. Until the Mana Party comes clean about how many of their votes were from pakeha, they should refrain from firing bullets that have the potential to boomerang. Mana Party with cannot all honesty say only Māori voted for them. I am sure John Minto, and Sue Bradford bought their voters with them. Just because Māori faces are on the front line, the pakeha are pulling strings in the background. No matter what Hone and Annette state publicly.
"Pete also said that he needs his ministerial salary to pay the mortgage on his new house," he said. "How come the only question they're asking is what dress to wear for a wedding with National?" Hone Harawira 8/12/2011. He learnt well from Helen… True Marxist method in belittling Māori, pakeha has been doing it to us for years. Why do Māori lower themselves to that level? It was stupid to divide the Māori vote and run with Pakeha. We have more of chances of gaining a Māori government United. We are damned if with we join National like the Greens, and damned if we don't.

At 8/12/11 4:23 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

This pakeha voted for Mana. I didn't know that voting for a bunch of kupapa who would confine their negotations to whether National would use lube or not would be more helpful.

At 8/12/11 11:42 pm, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

Ditto, as to white person votin' Mana

At 8/12/11 11:44 pm, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

Talking about Maori politicians, I have often asked myself - was Benazir Bhutto really assassinated? Could she have escaped her killers and is hiding out on Waiheke Island posing as a South Island Maori woman with unusual political acumen?

At 9/12/11 9:27 am, Blogger BruceMcF said...

As an outsider, I'm curious why would Mana Party want to hide the fact that they attracted some pakeha votes? Attracting some pakeha votes to a party led by Maori is a big part of stopping the waste of Maori party list votes.

Maori votes for a party led by pakeha ~ isn't that why the Maori Party broke away from labour in the first place? Maori who want that can go ahead and vote labour or Green or NZ1st or any other.

But a Maori-only party throws votes away. With overhang, a party list vote for the Maori Party is a wasted vote, so lots of people split their vote, and give their party list vote to one of the party list parties.

But if a forward looking party led by Maori can win one or (hopefully) more Maori seats, it can get pakeha party list votes, because its free of the 5% rule. And those extra party list votes let Maori give their party list vote to a Maori-led party without wasting the vote.

So if the party can get its feet under it, it can see more MP's than the Maori seats it wins ~ it could also win extra party list seats on top.

For the pakeha to go with it being a Maori-led party, they have to get something for that. And what they get for that is freedom from the 5% rule that makes it so hard for a smaller forward looking pakeha-led party to get going.

At 9/12/11 4:03 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

The reason I voted for the Mana party is quite simple - it has the policies that are closest to my views. I remember being at a meeting years ago where the number of Maori seats/MPs was discussed. I suggested I'd be totally happy if all seats were Maori seats, which was met with howls of anguish by the liberal pakeha present. I'd still be quite happy to have 100% Maori MPs, because at worst I can't see that being any worse than having what we've got.


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