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Monday, December 19, 2011

Citizen A this week with Phoebe Fletcher & Selwyn Manning

Citizen A - 8pm Friday Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers and Auckland opinion shapers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

Issue 1 - All hail the new leader of Labour - David Shearer. Is his selection by the labour Party coven Genius decision or massive gamble?

Issue 2 - John Key reshuffles his cabinet - what are the challenges confronting the second Key Government?

Issue 3 - Why isn't the South Canterbury Finance investigation by the Serious Fraud Office a bigger story?

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At 19/12/11 8:12 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Issue 4: Mainstream Media.
No No PLEASE!!! Do we have to?!@#$%^&
Check this out for an example of stating the bleeding obvious, passing itself off as in depth journalism, social resonsibility and all the rest of it!

Police say he'll have to live with it forever. Really?
Who'd have thought! But anyway, that's not quite true. He only has to live with it till the day he dies.

Nasty example to pick on, but FFS!!! I'd never have guessed the poor cunt will have to live with it 'forever', and worse still that his best friend's family will also have to live with it 'forever.

Kind of reminds me of that foreskin of journalism (Paul Holmes) everyone holds up as 'the ultimate professional, the ultimate broadcaster...the empathetic sympathiser, (the humungous ego)...the father of a P Head we should devote SPECIAL attention to, an empathise with simply BECAUSE he's a 'celeb". (He's probably still wondering WHY she gave him shit - maybe still is). Foreskin of the leading question more like.

Oh well...when TVNZ7 finally bites the dust, I hope people are aware that there are a few unencrypted channels available aside from Freeview off satellite - SBS, ABC, RT et al (if you are prepared to shove aside the Christian ones.

Oh btw....there's another example (utterly unreported in the NZ Press):
Tonga's Speaker of the House sponserng a Coke head responsible for the importation of Cocaine into Australia and China.
Not even RNZ bothered to pick up on it (as of last night) - even tho' they at LEAST endeavour to keep us informed of the things MOST likely to affect us (our pacific neighbours.
MSM's concern over "the silly season" is more likely to worry about whether the Jonkey has a most excelent time in Hawaii this season. Rest assured (Dude) - he will. He doesn't actually have the intelligence to do otherwise - plus he's in suck-up Paradise (the US of A).
Oh and btw - that JK Pinot (Pin NOT) is fukn horrible lolly water to most con-oise-ers. Still...keep it flowing Jonkey - they luv ya


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