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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Citizen A this week with Phoebe Fletcher & Geoff Houtman

Citizen A - 8pm Friday Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers and Auckland opinion shapers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

Issue 1 - Election results - what now for National, do they have the mandate? Will the Maori Party cut a deal with the Nats? How was the media coverage?

Issue 2 - Labour Party leadership - what do they need, what will they get?

Issue 3 - The occupation in Aotea Square - won't somebody think of the children? Is it time to evict these peace nick hoodlums before they spark independent thought?

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