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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Book ends

Just when you thought John Banks - he's going to be an Associate Education Minister in the new National government if you didn't already know - was suffering from an embarrassing and massive cultural deficit that will never be overcome...

3News: John Banks has only seen three movies in his 60 years. They are the Sound of Music, The Man from Laramie and Spice World.

“Someone told me they last longer than an hour and I can't sit still for that long,” says Mr Banks.

... along comes the Mexican presidential candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Guardian: Asked when launching his book, 'Mexico: The Great Hope', at a literary festival, which were the three other books he'd say had changed his life, the presidential candidate was suddenly at a loss for words.

After four minutes, Enrique Peña Nieto managed to name the Bible, The Eagle's Throne, and, oh, a couple of best sellers by Jeffrey Archer. Except he mistakenly attributed the second book, a classic satire on Mexico's politics, to a historian and not novelist Carlos Fuentes
These faux pas by the Institutional Revolutionary party candidate, famous for his good looks and telenovela star wife, at the international literary festival in Guadalajara, left Mexico's social and mainstream media buzzing with mockery.
Peña Nieto tried contrition, thanking the "critical and even funny" responses. Then his daughter kept things ticking over by retweeting a comment on his critics: "Hello to the bunch of wankers that come from the proletariat and only criticize those they envy". More damage limitation. Peña Nieto had, he tweeted, "had a talk with my children about respect and tolerance".

All class.


At 7/12/11 10:07 pm, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

Hopefully, John Banks will take the lead in reforming education as his fellow Act Party pal David Garrett did with law legislation. The enlightening ‘3 strikes’ law came about only because DG did extensive personal research into a wide array of crimes such as assault, public drunkenness, lewd behaviour and identity theft. As Mr Hide said ‘David Garrett achieved more in Parliament than most MPs’ and hopefully JB will follow Mr Garrett’s fine example. Where is David now I wonder? Performing more selfless deeds restoring public order in Tonga or maybe continuing his fascinating headstone research in some provincial cemetery? As David once said - ‘NZers are too hung up on people’s rights’ and I pray John will continue promoting this insightful philosophy in his new role and introduce pro-eugenics education into schools as David once suggested.


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