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Friday, December 16, 2011

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Labour Party Coven select David Shearer as their Messiah in political X Factor game show

South Canterbury Finances magical golden money pyramid of eternal providence

What's the difference between John Key's reshuffled cabinet and a cactus



At 30/12/11 10:23 am, Blogger sometimes said...

Life is full of disapointment. Greg Malcolm not being New Zealands top recording artist, Paul Motions passing, another picture of John Key, Paula the kiwi battler made good (sic) John Banks.... again.... earthquakes, Jerry I need a rest Brownlie (spelling) Bob pass me the jacket, I'll save you Christchurch Parker.I live on the east side and I'm not a virgin fug...... what is going on New Zealand ??? there is something creeping and ugly with big beads around her neck..... I though my magic TV box had broken..... it wasn't recording my favourite shows on my favourite channel....no.... it's off the air through lack of support. Stratos, I miss you.... I miss you too Bomber (and your dear helpers)Happy New Year


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