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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bomber's Blog - The War on News - ONLINE NOW!

Phil Goff decides to leave the elevator after farting in it

Which Political Circus Freak from NZ First will meltdown before Christmas?

And Greedy Farmers set to get more from our Asset sales



At 4/12/11 12:59 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"End of year wrap up"?!

Aww, not you as well, Bomber?!!!

Jeez on a Stick - at the end of the year the media closes down (including the all-important Radio NZ0 and we get fed a daily diet of undiluted crap.

This is precisely when we need some decent political coverage!

If you stayed on-air, Bomber, you're practically be a monopoly source of news and analysis.

Think about it!

At 5/12/11 12:57 am, Blogger kiwikevnz said...

agree with that, and keep the ipredict show going aswell

At 5/12/11 6:15 pm, Blogger jane said...

hmn, maybe Bomber could use a holiday for a few weeks to upgrade security at the bunker etc


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