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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Al Shabaab on twitter

Some people tweet about how busy they are and how much work they have to do - made worse by constantly stopping what they are doing to tweet about it. Some people tweet about how bored they are and have nothing to do. These inane and irrelevant telegrams to the universe are of absolutely no moment or value. And then, just when you think how inconsequential it all is, at the other end of the spectrum, others tweet about how many people they've blown up that day in their terrorist war.

No way?

Twitter used to be a cool place to share your succinct thoughts. Now al-Shabab, the vicious Somali allies of al-Qaida, is using it as a propaganda venue.

al-Shabab began tweeting in English on Wednesday...

Yes way.

HSMPress HSM Press
With the rising economic burden of operation Linda Nchi, the much-hyped #Kenyan invasion has faltered quite prematurely http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-16077642
1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
HSMPress HSM Press
Sheikh Abu Mus'ab (Military Spokesman): "The Jihad being waged here in Somali shall continue untill the country is purified of all invaders"
3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
7 Uganda-trained TFG soldiers surrender themselves to Mujahidin in #Mogadishu. They are welcomed after proclaiming repentance from apostasy

And we were led to believe fundamentalist Islamists were anti-technology.

Now 221 following, was only 148 when I first posted on this at 10:05AM.

230 following.

Just did a Whois check on the image
used on the twitter site and it resolves to Akamaihd.net which doesn't appear to be open. Whois details:

Akamai Technologies
8 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142

Domain name: AKAMAIHD.NET

Administrative Contact:
Hostmaster, Akamai
8 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
+1.6174443000 Fax: +1.6174443001

Just a hosting company by the looks of it. So when they say, "Meet the demands of the hyperconnected world and accelerate innovation" and "helping companies provide secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere" they also must mean to groups who their own government has listed as terrorist organisations! Great global uptake, just expect a friendly knock at the door from Homeland Security at some point.

UPDATE: Friday 10:20AM
Talk about going guns... now 739 following on Twitter.

They are reporting Kenyan air strikes and other battles this morning:

Gedo governor, Sh. Abbas Abdullahi, reassured the residents of Baardheere and visited the family of the deceased man in hospital
7 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
HSMPress HSM Press
bombs dropped from #Kenyan aircraft pulverized the home of poor 67-year old man &his family. He died &his only daughter is severely injured
7 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
HSMPress HSM Press
#Kenyan fighter jets bomb city of Baardheere, #Gedo region. 1 civilian casualty so far and a young girl seriously wounded. More news soon...
9 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
HSMPress HSM Press
4 #Ugandan soldiers killed in a raid on #Amisom base in Huriwaa District, #Mogadishu, early morning; #Ugandan soldiers desert their posts!
13 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » HSMPress HSM Press
#KDF: Despite the tragedy and loss of life & wealth, a Mujahid does not desert the dignity to defend what he holds dearest: His Faith!
13 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
HSMPress HSM Press
#KDF: An army without experience, clear strategy & objective is fragile to winds of resistance & slightest confrontation precipitates defeat

KDF must be Kenyan Defence Force.


At 8/12/11 10:54 am, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Not sure of the validity of the twitter account, but Wired Magazine think it is legit. Wonder if the official "verified" badge will appear?

At 8/12/11 4:18 pm, Blogger Rangi said...


FYI: Akamai hosts a huge amount of content around the web, including all (?) Twitter and Facebook photos.

At 9/12/11 12:03 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

At present America military activity is active in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Uganda...and clearly planning to move into Iran. They have military bases throughout the world and are setting up a new one in Australia, This list is simply what I instantly recall and not the only places American military are active.

The American military are not solely killing innocent people; they are using depleted uranium in their artillery and therefore causing serious damage to generations of people. They are destroying people's homes lifestyles and whole cultures and citing fallacious reasons for doing so.

Someone is called a 'terrorist' and all dismiss him or her as barbaric; yet American military's behavior is more violent, more extensive, and more barbaric—they are killing more people than any 'terrorist' group in existence. They have the means to be more destructive while at the same time a good percentage of their population don’t have the means to afford their living costs without going into debt.

All this being said; America's behavior is also more condoned.

What are you complaining about this particular group for when this American military activity is going on in the world and gauging from a lot of learned analysis, is creating the ‘insecurity issues’ in the world?

I do not condone violence, whether the perpetrators are black or white skinned; 'Islamic' or 'Christian.' Poor or Rich. How about yourself?

Is it non violent to take away a person's livelihood, home, culture, destroy and poison their environment, kill or poison their families, and do so while only paying lip service to truth and diplomacy? Aren’t those who follow such activities part of the problem?

Can we have an intelligent discussion on the real state of affairs with regard to violence in our world, rather than cheap shots at 'easy targets'?

At 10/12/11 11:27 pm, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

It's called in "pentagram" parlance
"FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE" A catchie wee phrase out of some military industrial think tank. Take your pick - there's enough of them.

With that many bases it's hard to see how Iran is the problem.


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