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Friday, November 25, 2011

Why National are nervous - The 5 things Phil needs to win tomorrow

So here is what has to happen tomorrow for Phil Goff to have a chance of leading the country:

1 - Peter loses to Charles in Ohariu

2 - ACT are wiped out in Epsom

3 - The Maori Party lose Te Tonga to Labour and Waiariki to MANA

4 - The undecided swing against the Government

5 - NZ First gain over 5% and MANA bring in 3 MPs

The battle against the National Party Juggernaut could never be head on, it was always going to be won at the fringes of the empire. You'll know if Labour have surprised the media if the word 'overhang' starts trending on twitter.



At 25/11/11 11:53 am, Blogger Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

They say Dunne is done! Banks has run out of dough. Mana should get two seats at least. Polls show the Maori Party should hold its four seats. We would have thought Tutai Tonga was gone! NZ First look home, and specials should go against the National Party who have dipped below 50% National look as though they need a partner. Only the Maori Party can save National despite them getting 48%. The Maori Party opposes asset sales, and a number of other things.Must check up and read their policies again.

At 27/11/11 10:04 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Dunne would have been gobeburger, had 1,775 Green voters given their ELECTORATE vote to Chauvel, rather than Gareth Hughes.


John Key wishes to thank those 1,775 Green voters for giving him an extra coalition partner.


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