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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When will John Key drug test Cabinet?

So the latest bennie bash has been released, and it is to drug test beneficiaries to make sure they are 'work ready' and if they fail or refuse such an intrusion, they lose their benefit.

I'm waiting for Paula to extend taking DNA from all beneficiaries 'just in case' they become crims, because, well you know, dem bennies steal like gypsies.

Our societies joy in crucifying those on welfare is a National hobby alongside rugby, domestic violence and alcoholism. We love to bash the dirty filthy bennie, and drug testing them will have the talkhate radio volk in rapture.

But if we are going to drug test beneficiaries, why not have John Key lead by example and drug test his Cabinet? Beneficiaries AND Ministers are all paid by the taxpayer, the same demands put on beneficiaries should be placed upon them as well.

Who is more a danger to NZ? A stoned beneficiary trying to get a job flipping burgers or a drunk Minister signing up a Free Trade Deal that screws the country?

By bashing the dirty filthy bennie, National play to the lesser angels of our nature.

The working poor despise those on welfare, they see their day to day struggle to make ends meet against someone who 'gets money for free' and become as visceral with their hate as racists become. Rather than focus on the fact that right wing Governments in this country have attacked Unions and driven the minimum wage down, they turn on beneficiaries and end up supporting National Party policy that only enriches Farmers, bankers and the already wealthy.

The ability to convince the 60% of NZ who earn less than $30 000 to vote for policy that is counter productive to their long term interests has been the real victory of the National Party spin team.



At 16/11/11 11:22 am, Blogger slydixon said...

Its the curse of the irrational aspirational. Had a died in the wool ACT voter working with me who couldn't have pulled much more than the minimum wage but we'd listen to him cursing those on welfare and demanding a harder line on dole bludgers. The cretin had at least three illegitimate children with three different mothers all on state assistance yet he aspired to be wealthy and powerful and assumed like the Wizard of Oz that wearing the green glasses would have everyone believing. Too fucking strange!

At 16/11/11 11:48 am, Blogger Raph NZ said...

Why stop at cabinet why not all police, public nurses, doctors, teachers, gummint staff, MPs, MPs staff, doc workers, maf, customs. Imagine the savings if we could cut the pay of anyone testing positive? It could be billions no no trillions.

At 16/11/11 3:47 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Neo liberalism softened up so many to be infected by such ‘false conciousness’ by downgrading communities and collectivism.

Ultimately you cannot eat aspiration. The under 30ks have to stick together once again and organise. Vote Mana.


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