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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time for Auckland City Council to show real leadership over Occupation protestors

The Auckland City Council have tried to evict the occupation movement out of Aotea Square. apparently the occupation protestors are bringing far too much life, culture and existential questioning of the current injustice of the mega wealthy into the public square, and the last thing we want in our public spaces are citizens questioning the issues confronting us that the mainstream media utterly ignore in favor of stories about lost penguins.

If the Auckland City Council wanted to show real leadership on this issue, they would take the bill for the costs of the Occupation directly to Wellington and demand the Government pay for these costs due to their policies contributing to the reason why the protestors are protesting in the first place.

It's the Government's policies that have seen 200 000 children in poverty while 150 of the richest families gained $7 billion in one year. Until the Government end endorsing policy that enriches the already wealthy, they can pay the costs of the occupation.



At 30/11/11 11:26 am, Blogger Poppy- said...

Yes. Much appreciation for the occupiers. This link shows where the actual insolvency (bankruptcy) legislation was introduced to our country creating the mess here in the first place. http://www.scribd.com/doc/72667530/Insolvency-Agenda-for-New-Zealand

At 30/11/11 1:21 pm, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

I think your comments about the new government policies are harsh and perhaps we should try and look at more positive aspects. For example:
Immigration: how innovative, how inspiring to headhunt British pensioners to combat the brain drain and make up for the haemorrhage to Australia. I applaud National’s new policy because it is not only cheap (the cost of a pension which can easily be reduced if the global economy keeps collapsing). And if the new immigrants prove disappointing, they will not be around long which solves all those nasty HR problems. A win-win scenario for the Govt.
Employment: the national cycle-way allows the unemployed to cheaply and effectively job search. An Aucklander will soon be able to go to, say Masterton or New Plymouth and show he/she is not only work-fit, but it will cut car congestion at the same time. This is another win-win situation – good for the environment and it keeps the unemployed on their toes and gainfully employed finding employment. If they refuse to buy a bike, penalties can easily be applied and I’m sure Paula Bennett & her taskforce will enjoy thinking about that.

At 30/11/11 1:47 pm, Blogger Elaine said...

It's really annoying me how reports about the occupation are always focusing on how much it is supposedly costing the ratepayer - just another way of turning the public against them. And the supposed $46,000 for security was imposed upon them by the Council so I don't see how they can be held responsible for the cost.

At 30/11/11 7:54 pm, Blogger jane said...

If we didn't have Occupy in NZ it would seem uncouth and ignorant, so I say good on them for keeping up with the times because the one thing that New Zealanders absolutely hate is being seen as backwards and behind the rest of the world. Occupy Auckland/Welli wherever, GOOD PR. They should get a salary.

At 30/11/11 8:25 pm, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

Occupy Aotea Square: while I don’t believe that protesters should be assaulted by police or council workers for being unhygienic (although for the chronically unclean maybe it’s a good idea), the protesters are costing decent ratepayers their hard-earned money. May I suggest we look to the USA for some ideas and perhaps use healthy pepper spray extracts to rid us of this annoying problem? To acknowledge tangata whenua, police could maybe whip up some sort of pepper/watercress concoction.

At 2/12/11 9:20 am, Blogger Unknown said...

What exactly is the method they're going to use to change society that involves sitting in a public square?


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