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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tea Party recordings - what is a blogger to do?

So John Key has been caught saying something that won't look too good and the HoS Editor is putting his reputation on the line.

The media feeding frenzy John Key and John Banks brought upon themselves has bitten them in the arse and now all of a sudden it's the Police brought into gag the media.

Shutting down the media because of secret recordings? That's Nanny State on steroids with a submachine gun.


John Key brings in the Police to shut down the medias right to publish in the public interest? What Key said to Banks IS important, yes it was recorded secretly, but so are most things that show the truth.

The laws protecting our privacy are important, but so too are the principles of Journalism that demand public interest and holding the powerful to account. Key and Banks aren't just citizens needing protection from a surveillance state, they are political leaders who have been caught out saying things they don't want you to hear.

How long before a blogger puts the transcript up if the mainstream media are too intimidated to do so?

Surely during an election, we should hear what our Political leaders really think?

That said, who plans Machiavellian strategy over a cup of tea while the media are meters away? This is the NZ Parliament, not the bloody Sopranos.

A week is a very long time in politics.



At 14/11/11 8:23 pm, Blogger ilight said...

The HOS editor has committed an offense passing the tape to another media outlet. So he is already putting himself on the line. Therefore if there REALLY was something that "the public has a right to know" I think it would have been revealed by now.
It's just a media storm in a teacup

At 14/11/11 8:41 pm, Blogger dad4justice said...

someone send me a link and I will blog it around the world,,what a croc of shit,johnny got a new pig toy and mr banks just wanks...yawn..yawn..

At 14/11/11 8:48 pm, Blogger Rich said...

Stroll down to Wellington waterfront or some other public WiFi place, create a gmail and blogger account and you can post what you want anonymously.

(Or just use an unregistered prepaid mobile).

At 14/11/11 9:46 pm, Blogger Raph NZ said...

blah blah blah pro girlfriend blah blah blah crack house blah blah blah bad for us both if this comes out blah blah blah

At 14/11/11 11:37 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

The answer lies in the creation of a new art form. The invention of the conversation between John and John. The possibilities are endless. Good anonymous posting proporting to be the real thin should flush the fuckers out pretty quick. For what it's worth I heard that it was the dispatching of Brash as leader that was mentioned with the resultant promotion of Banks to leader of ACT. It's the sort of story that would keep children awake. I prefer to think of them discussing sex tourism with Banks offering excellent passports that David Garrett left in a drawer.

At 15/11/11 7:53 am, Blogger CAS said...

The rumour I've heard is that it's Banks and Key discussing the an ACT party coup where he will back Banks rolling Brash, should he be successful in Epsom. But it's just a rumour, so take it for what it's worth.

At 15/11/11 10:50 am, Blogger Duval said...

Whoa whoa whoa... So Key is happy to ram through laws allowing govt agencies to break into the privacy of our own homes and plant spy equipment expressly to be used against us... but two politicians talking politics in public during an election is off limits??? Un fucking believable! ...What gets me more is the amount of sleepy Hobbits who defend this shit and are backing Key. What The fuck?! ...apparently our politicians need protecting from the nasty media who dare dig for a nugget of truth. Going by the reported public response, this is how we all feel. If so this country is fucked!

Side Note: The topic of election day came up yesterday with someone and I said with mild sarcasm I was voting National... oh my lord, the response... hand on heart "Oh yes! Me too, I'm a National supporter. Don't like that Phil Goff, he smirks!" ...I said as apposed to what, John Key's lovely smile? She replies "Oh no! You're Labour aren't you!" I said no, not particularly... "You're Greens" No... "ACT then" You're fucken kidding right?! ..."Oh no you ARE Labour!" ...haha, no I'm voting to bring back Winston (insert big smile) "WHAT! Oh no... some spluttering garble" ...it's either that or I'm voting Hone! At that moment an aneurysm was almost had... haha, people are so superficial, particularly Nat supporters. Which I guess is why a smiling corporate mascot who avoids politics is so popular with that demographic.


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