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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spinning the worm by the right wing

The right are trying to spin the worm like they tried to spin the Epsom Tea Party tapes.

Since when the hell did the bore of Babylon David Farrar and Whaleoil have any idea who Labour Party activists are? Both are braying like donkeys in heat that the undecided pollsters deciding the worm had Labour Party lovers in it, YAWN - they are two clowns grasping at straws.

The truth is that beyond the smile and wave, National's policies are deeply unpopular, this can be hidden by landline polls judging Key's personality, but when you see how much people hate what Key says it creates a different perception, a perception the bore of Babylon and whaleoil must do their best to destroy.

What should be questioned was the addition of that little creep Paul Henry on the panel, how embarrassing for a credible Journalist like John Campbell to have to share the stage with a former National Party candidate forced off the main broadcaster because of his disgusting racism.

The right have tried the same spin job on the Epsom Tea Party tapes, they claim Key read the public well, that voters hate the media more than they hate Key, and that gagging the media with the police and justifying it by comparisons to phone hacking murdered children's families, that the release would increase youth suicide and of course the claim that the lower crime rate means the Police have time to execute search warrants on our 4 largest broadcasters were all masterful pieces of strategy comparable only to Napoleon.


You know how much trouble the right really are when the bore of Babylon and Whaleoil squeal louder.

Phil is the worm rider.



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