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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post election

I have voted and love that political power can be decided in our country free of violence and intimidation - bless our civil society, today is a true celebration of the power of the individual and our liberal progressive democracy!

Tonight I'll be jumping between the Greens Party in Krd Auckland and Jacinda Ardern's Party on Ponsonby Road, (my invite to Nikki Kaye's party must have been lost in the mail).

Sunday morning I am on Radio Live with Marcus Lush, then doing TV3's 'The Nation' and then off to Matthew Hooton's party for the iPredict show with all the guests who have appeared.

Monday 7pm on Stratos TV is the one hour iPredict post election special with what all the results and political ramifications mean.

And then I block out everything political and count the days till the Foo Fighters come to town.



At 26/11/11 4:52 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Well I have exercised my democratic rights as well but am far less sanguine about the outcome.

Why is it that no matter how many farms across aotearoa convert to dairy we still appear to have an ever increasing population of sheep?

I have an awful feeling that today NZ sheep are queueing outside the reduced number of polling booths (why are there so many less this year?)in a manner reminscent of their rural cousins' line-up outside the slaughter house door.
I won't be watching any of the pundits & pseuds pontifications tonite. Partially because they teamed up to create a self fulfilling prophecy and the sight of many of NZ's 'political experts' makes my flesh creep, but chiefly because watching them is tantamount to encouraging the low life lying scum, most of whom practise golfball-ology and wouln't know real science if it bit them on the bum.

golfball-ology is when presumptuous pratts hit a golfball with a nine iron; then measure the distance from where they hit it to where it landed.
Then they claim to calculate its trajectory by extrapolation on to othe hits, other golfballs and other clubs.
This is not science because it is 'after the fact' subjective interpretation of an event used to predict an outcome, when 'before the fac't hypothesises were eschewed and ignored..
Meaningless twaddle that can only be correct by luck.

I am very concerned about the nature and wording of the MMP referendum. If KeyCo use the results of part 2 where people were asked to choose a system other than MMP & there was no option for MMP, for anything other from wiping the tin plated assholes of Nat party twits, it will leave those of us who care about the future of our nation nowhere legitimate and/or acceptable to go.

Referendum questions have become increasingly duplicitous. This is the worst thus far.
Because the deceit was directed towards sabotaging citizens freedom to select the best possible representation, if KeyCo use this poll as an excuse to game our stated preferred electoral system, it would be the most egregious attack upon citizens' democracy in teh western world, since BushCo family stole prez 2000 with the Florida felon rort.

Doing something deceitful, immoral yet legit like that, means we the concerned citizens, have no choice but to be ethical yet illegal when we restore truly democratic systems to our nation.

I have lived in latin american societies whose path down the slippery slope to tyranny began with seemingly minor rorts such as this dodgy referendum.

At 27/11/11 12:42 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

DebsisDead . Great post ! Well done . Thank Christ I'm not alone in my thinking .

At 29/11/11 8:01 pm, Blogger Beverley from birkenhead said...

Post election lessons:
USA presidential election: In view of the disturbing upsurge in Green Party vote, perhaps we should look at the Republican campaign in the USA and learn some lessons to combat the rise of the left in NZ politics. Newt Gringrich is surging forward and has admitted his past mistakes (tax evasion, lying to Congress), and he attributes his change of heart to his religion and the fact he is now a grandfather. Perhaps centrist politicians in NZ can also concentrate on emphasising these kinds of down-to-earth qualities and in doing so get back those votes from the Green Party. For example, someone could point out that Metiria Turei is not a grandfather. If NZers had the advantage of a local Fox channel, we would know these things and vote more wisely.
Voter turnout: it is obvious that the huge number that didn’t vote didn’t deserve to and these people undermine the democratic process. Maybe the Govt. should take away their right to vote in the next election and this will save all the costs involved in bothering to register them and send them things in the mail. They’ve already done this to criminals – prisoners rightfully have been democratically disenfranchised – so there is a clear precedent. This will also combat any moves by Maori & Pacific Island communities to mobilise their forces. There are disquieting signs that these communities may, in the future, network effectively to get their people to vote for the left – South Auckland is a worry – and P users have a lot of energy to door-knock, do mail-outs & bang up billboards. – and just threaten people really to get out and vote, so I hope John is giving this some serious thought.
Being informed – Fox Channel: apparently, the pepper-spraying of Occupy protesters (somewhere in the USA), was not only a way to combat communism and anarchy, but at the same time was a health promotion exercise. Not many people know this, but thanks to Fox, we do now, that pepper spray is a natural vegetable derivative and the police were actually boosting the immune system of protesters as well as teaching them a lesson. So I think people should think about that and not be so quick to criticise modern law and order techniques.
From Beverley from Birkenhead

At 30/11/11 8:54 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Beverly from Birkenhead ... hahahahhahahah ....... Ha hahahahahhahahahahhahahah .... No ! No ! Wait .... hahahahahahahah .....Oh God ! I have asthma now ...... Hahahahahah !


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