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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Nation and Q+A current affairs review

The Nation
It's the final chance to make politicians bleed before the election.

Bill English is his usual blandness.

Phil Goff doesn't have the meltdown that the TV3 news clips suggested he does.

Story about how the Greens have remodeled themselves as middle class and have benefitted from it with high pre-election polling.

Dear old Winston is on explaining he's going into opposition. He's more laughy and smiley these days.

Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston on discussing the teapot tapes. They point out how damaged Key has been by them, noted that it drowned out Goff.

While teapot tapes have done nothing to move those who love John Key, for those 10% 'don't knows' that is the real issue.

They all agree that Hone was the winner of the minor party leaders debate.

Key, Goff and Winston Peters are all live.

Great panel, Jon, Mike Williams and Don McKinnon.

John Key's comments on suicide and police with free time finally get criticized by Q+A and Banks answers on TV3 get terribly mocked, baby wannabe Tim Watkin must have been on holiday for this episode.

Key is on defending his fascist attack on the media by attempting to gag broadcasters by claiming it's not a bid deal. It is utterly disgraceful and shows how very far down the road we are in terms of being a functioning Police State. That Key can pretend youth suicide will climb and that the police have plenty of spare time is offensive to anyone with an education.

He is now attempting to defend the manner in which National have structured the economy only for the benefit of the rich.

Sleepy Hobbits reap what they sow of they think the multi-millionaire money man is going to be able to get the country back into surplus in 2014.

Why we are adopting more free market dogma to counter a global economic crises that has been caused by that same free market dogma is a wee bit beyond Q+A to ask.

The joke lack of regulations at Pike River are discussed and the lack of progress in Christchurch.

The panel point out the Teapot tapes have increased Winston's chances while damaging ACT in Epsom.

Goff is on. He makes valid points regarding the economy. Lands some great points about how the economic restructuring is long term, not short term.

Guyon corners him on trusting Winston.

Winston is on throwing punches at Guyon. I love seeing Guyon getting hit.



At 20/11/11 10:14 am, Blogger Caitlin said...

Notice how NONE of the panelists or interviewees this morning were women? All #middleagedwhitemen

At 20/11/11 10:48 am, Blogger Canichett said...

I love Guyon getting hit too Bomber. I've often thought I'd like to clobber him myself, but on the whole I'd like to thump the ancient fossil Holmes a whole lot more. Didn't you love his poor little john article in the herald, and voila, a cosy little chat on Q and A, while Winston and Phil got the hard interviews with Espiner. Why didn't he interview Key?Obviously Key dictates who he'll talk to, and Q and A caves in every time!

At 20/11/11 4:09 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

Q+A did play a bit of this video about NZ media attacking Key. Pity they edited the bits parts out!


At 20/11/11 4:32 pm, Blogger Raph NZ said...

Canichett you think too highly of Key, he doesn't get to choose anything after the constant run of f ups this election. I'm guessing his PR team are giving him much more PC one liners now.

At 20/11/11 5:54 pm, Blogger Lilly B said...

Notice how Key sailed through his interview with Holmes. His figures on Labours budget are such a joke, he's gone from 18 billion all the way to four billion and now back up to 15 billion. But now, hes even added the .4 to make it sound like more believable.. Then I'm gobsmacked: the day after Pike river memorial he gloats about more public service cuts.. hello Key, the PSA virus, Rena and Pike river are all caused by failures of state services. Incredibly, no-one seems to lay that on him...

At 20/11/11 7:13 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Holmes is a horrible arrogant little twit. I've never been able to understand why he's on TV or radio.

At 20/11/11 8:34 pm, Blogger Canichett said...

Ovicula, maybe the reason Holmes is on tv is that every country needs a resident troll! If he wore a jester's suit we'd have two for the price of one!!


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