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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

iPredict Election Show 7pm tonight with Matthew Hooton & Hone Harawira, STRATOS Freeview 21 & Sky 89

A preview interview for iPredict Election 2011 with Chris Philpott, TV reviewer at Stuff.co.nz

Review of iPredict Election 2011 by Bryce Edwards

TONIGHT @ 7PM: Matthew Hooton & Hone Harawira

Last nights show with Colin Craig & Sue Bradford

Prediction 1: Despite the anger caused by the repeal of section 59, John Key who joined Helen Clark to pass the legislation is currently on 49% party vote. What does this say about our political values and have we become more socially liberal?

Prediction 2: The iPredict Market have the Conservative Party at 1.4% party vote, while MANA sits on 2.3%. On the political fringes, is social conservatism and the religious right as a political force waning while poverty and social justice movements are on the rise?

Prediction 3: the iPredict market says that the Greens now have 11.7% party vote, as a Party based on values, how far will their values allow them to go to cut a deal with National?

Full guest list:
iPredict Election 2011 will include political commentary drawn from a panel including: iPredict Chief Executive Matt Burgess; interest.co.nz founder Bernard Hickey; electionresults.co.nz editor Ian Llewellyn; National Business Review political columnist Matthew Hooton and business reporter Matt Nippert; former Labour Party strategist John Pagani; political commentator Chris Trotter; former National Party research boss Neil Miller; Otago University political scientist Bryce Edwards; Editor of Scoop.co.nz Selwyn Manning; From the University of Auckland Film, Television and Media Studies Department, Phoebe Fletcher; National’s up-and-coming MPs Simon Bridges and Nikki Kaye; Labour’s finance spokesman David Cunliffe and Labour's new blood, Stuart Nash and Jacinda Ardern; Mana leader Hone Harawira; Green Party co-leaders Russel Norman, Metiria Turei and NZs youngest MP Gareth Hughes; UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne; Conservative Party leader Colin Craig; and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Other commentators and politicians are also in the process of being invited.

The programme will be hosted by Citizen A host Martyn Bradbury.

iPredict Election 2011 7pm weeknights, Stratos TV Freeview 21 & Sky 89



At 9/11/11 10:30 am, Blogger Potaua said...

Great show Bomber and some revealing korero. Never thought about the Greening of Capitalism. Awesome Sue. That Colin Craig is pretty feisty too huh. Lots of good points and shot he's keen to aim for Rodney. Kia kaha bro!


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