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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Herald relevant, blogger in shock.

And just when I thought there wouldn't be anything useful in the NZ Herald daily election update up pops:

3:48pm: Citizen Bomber Martyn Bradbury tweets @CitizenBomber
"If John Key wants beneficiaries drug tested for work, why not lead by example and drug test his Cabinet as well?"


And as for John Key getting all high and mighty and calling the cops over a supposedly covert recording during his pantomime cuppa with John Banks - it's the right to privacy he squeals. Well what about Paula Bennett's unauthorised privacy invasion and release to the media the private particulars her department holds on beneficiaries who she doesn't like? Just so she can score some political points. Oh that's different isn't it... One rule for them, one rule for everyone else: it doesn't get more sanctimonious and Tory than that.


At 15/11/11 7:23 pm, Blogger jane said...

Man doesn't like the taste of his own medicine, and there's nothing to respect in that. Ipsa loquitur & all that..

At 15/11/11 9:20 pm, Blogger McDiesel said...

Didn't tonite's CloseUp coverage show Key & Banks plotting over cups of coffee, not tea.
More misreprentation, they can't even get their drinks right!
The whole tea thing is just fawning to American corporate tea party minders and sponsors.


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