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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Green Party so called 'vandalism' and Epsom Tea Party Tapes

YAWN. Green Party 'vandalism' huh?

Have the Greens become so middle class they have forgotten their activist beginnings? If you haven't defaced an ACT or National Party billboard at sometime in your life, you aren't an Aucklander.

Desperately trying to be middle class and protecting property rights is just so weak. If the Greens don't want activists, I think the MANA Party will want them.

'Vandalism' is spray painting swastikas or burning crosses. Pithy critiques of National Party spin however are as far from 'vandalism' as a microphone recording a conversation at a press conference is as far from phone hacking the family of a murdered child.

Which brings us to the fiasco in Epsom.

John Key's comments on the Epsom Tea Party Tapes are as charming as a blind date with Zac Guildford. It is clear now that Banks and Key discussed over throwing Brash and slagged off NZ First voters, why on earth they would discuss these things in full sight of the media taking photos on the other side of the window is well beyond me, but the impact of it being a 'game changer' is accurate if NZ First voters get miffed at Key and make sure they vote.

Older National Party voters who dislike selling assets are looking for an excuse to party vote elsewhere, it looks like Key might have provided them with it.



At 16/11/11 8:03 am, Blogger MemeSpree NZ said...

Calling it a Green Party vandalism is a tad disingenuous. I actually think that the Greens made the right play here - the (totally awesome) billboard subversion campaign was not their doing, no Green funding or resources went into it, and while standing the PA woman down might be going a touch too far, it was important that the public not be confused as to the relationship between the Green Party and their fans.

Regardless of what one thinks of their stated aim of being open to working with National on issues after the election, the party hierarchy cannot be held accountable for the private actions of private individuals who just happen to be Green party supporters or members. Otherwise, we'd be blaming MPs for (for example) a National party's PR person's partner trying to talk their way out of a parking ticket by citing their political ties.
[Owesome, for Memespree NZ]

At 16/11/11 8:21 am, Blogger Frank said...

Christ, I've erected billboards for two MMP campaigns. Vandalism is when the timber frames are smashed to bits and the corfly sheets are ripped to shreds. THAT'S vandalism.

I could live with stickers. Even a spot of minor tagging. Saves me have to re-erect the damn things timne after time after time.

And by the way, the Nats aren't squeaky clean either; http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/two-lost-votes-for-the-nats/

At 16/11/11 10:20 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Ok ... here goes nothing .
Ever heard of Price Machiavelli ? No ? Ok , how about a Dingo in a baby's skin ? No ! ? Ok . How about the expression ; to run with the hares AND hunt with the hounds ? If , as is my earnest suspicion , we have a Corporate Regime controlling our every move and future moves we have yet to make , then I believe winsome Winston Peters is all of the above . Remember the investigation into the Wine Box Affair ? Remember peters letting off so much steam , he fogged up the publics spectacles ? Remember the accusation that Paul White was murdered by SAS operatives ? Have any of you read The Paradise Conspiracy by Ian Wishart ? Ever heard of the Cook Islands ? Do you trust the Banks to be Moral Guardians of Commerce ? Where ever there's a neo con stink , peters comes along , sniffing like a fox terrier after a rat ... and achieves fuck all except to chuck a few red herrings about . ( Animals are great for making a point are they not ? ) Remember ! All is not as it seems ! New Zealand is little more than four million frightened and confused people suffering under a bewilderingly complex oligarchy of Uber Riche psychopaths . Big , rich , isolated-in-a-good-way beautiful New Zealand . A mere four million hard working , highly productive , foreign funds earning people . No fucking money ! Huh ? Huh ? Has the penny started it's long , long journey yet ?

At 16/11/11 12:24 pm, Blogger Vamptonius said...

national opened the door by using stickers revealing john key's true nature (the horns & "evil" beard) in order to "make him look cool for halloween." What did they expect? cd.


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