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Friday, November 04, 2011

Forget about showing us the money Mr Key, show us the jobs

Jobless stats show confidence in economy returning - Key
Prime Minister John Key has reacted to unemployment figures released this morning, saying more people are seeking work, and "confidence is coming back".

The figures showed the jobless rate unexpectedly rose in the third quarter, with little evidence the start of the Rugby World Cup drove an increase in casual workers to service the wave of tourists.

The unemployment rate rose to 6.6 per cent in the three months ended September 30 from 6.5 per cent in the June quarter, according to Statistics New Zealand's Household Labour Force Survey.

I'm sorry - WHAT? Unemployment rising shows confidence in the economy is rising? Has John Key broken into Don Brash's personal stash? This unemployment rate jumped during the RWC, which was sold in the Budget as one of the main pillars of economic growth this year. The fact unemployment increased when we were supposed to be flush with cash is the last canary in the mine pointing out that our economy is in deep trouble.

This throws the Treasury predictions of a 2.6% GDP increase out the window and makes Paula Bennett's desire to force beneficiaries back to work look ridiculous if there isn't any work available!

So let's forget this 'show me the money' quip Mr Key, show us the jobs.



At 4/11/11 9:15 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Was I dreaming or did I see and hear john key say with a cavalier smirk that sometimes lying is necessary , or words to that effect ? Does that not mean that everything he says is irrelevant ?
O.K. If one were to tell the complete and utter truth all the time , one would find themselves friendless , beaten then murdered . I understand that . However , key is the Prime Minister of our country and so within that context should he not instead hold The Truth as pretty kind of ...well ...high up there ? key says anything he likes , usually the first thing that finds its way into his vacant little head unless scripted by a minion and what he says can sometimes be quite alarming ! He can and clearly will say anything to keep in power but why ? seriously ... why ? Would you want to be the Prime minister of Nu Zild if you had 50 M to play with ? It begs the question ; does he owe favours ? If so , to whom ? If so , and to whom ... why ? Since he's Hell bent on pulverizing the most vulnerable thus not doing the job we pay him to do , because as we all know , the measure of any society is how well the most vulnerable are treated . Why then is he clearly risking a heart attack , as can been seen on his face ? For the good of our ' Great Nation ' ( gag ! ) perhaps ?
I believe the guy is a one act circus . I think he's hiding a great big stinky secret . Or lie perhaps ? NZ is broke when we should be filthy rich by any standards . Why is that ? NZ should still lead the way in social equality . We are not ! Why is that ? I know ! Lets ask the honourable john key . Prime Minister of New Zealand ! He'll know and he'll tell us straight . You know you can trust a baby kissing , hand shaking , casual strolling , laughing , giggling , mincing , multi millionaire with a palace in Hawaii and friends from Harvard University . And goff ! Don't you get fucking cocky either ! You have just as many dirty little secrets .

At 4/11/11 10:13 am, Blogger Frank said...

National's myth-making that Labour is fiscally incompetant just got a bit dented (if not battered) with this bit of data I've unvovered: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/labour-the-economic-record-2000-2008/

It shows, with disturbing clarity that the economy performs well under a Labour government - and takes a dive on nearly all indicators, when National takes office.

At 4/11/11 11:54 am, Blogger Raph NZ said...

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At 4/11/11 7:05 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"Prime Minister John Key has reacted to unemployment figures released this morning, saying more people are seeking work, and "confidence is coming back"."

So... those nasty unemployed dole bludgers that the Nats luv to beat around the head... they are an example of confidence in our economy?!

Whoda thunk.


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