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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Citizen A this week with Jon Stephenson and Phoebe Fletcher

Citizen A this week with Jon Stephenson and Phoebe Fletcher

Issue 1 - Week 3 of our 3 week election campaign, and suddenly the sleep walk to victory by National looks like a train wreck in slow motion. Have the Epsom Tea Party Tapes managed to sink John Key?

Issue 2: Drug testing beneficiaries - can social welfare reforms become any more intrusive?

Issue 3: Ten years ago this week, the Taliban fled Kabul as Operation Enduring Freedom reached the gates of the Afghan capital. A decade later, what are we still doing there and have we focussed enough on NZs role in this war during the election?

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At 19/11/11 3:30 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

C'mon Bomber don't be making the same mistake that the tories are making - of wishful thinking obscuring subjectivity.
It would be great if John Key were a train wreck but that won't happen as long as there is one careerist scumbag left working for the herald, the Dom, the ODT, TV2, TVOne, or TVSeVen.
Last time I looked all of the above organisations were gunnels awash with opportunist careerist shitbags.

Look at armstrong this am to get a feel for what is happening. After a few days of weakly insinuating John Key may not be the best thing since sliced bread he has gone back to his well worn tirade of "Key is the man!" - interspersed with cries of AOBG (any one but Goff).

The other fishwraps will do eaxactly the same - as will the TV stations esp. including the now free from Rick Ellis TVNZ.

The game is an old one much played by media around the world.
They argue that balance doesn't mean objective analysis, nor does it mean giving customers both sides of a story.
No, no, no, being pro national on the 6.00pm news is balanced; if you also say piss weak things about the opposition a couple of instances during off peak times.

Next week - the last week of the campaign, all media will be fervently pro-key anti Goff and if pulled up on it by electoral commish they will successfully argue they 'were balanced'.

Expect the Herald's blogs or whatever they call em to also return to censoring all anti-Key/Nat comments.
These were the dodgy games which Labour clumsily attempted to prevent with their now notorious changes to electoral advertising & campaigning.

This campaign is short and is especially vulnerable to brainwashing the uninformed by perverting the last word. What happened this past week will be swept away by propaganda n outright lying over the next 6 days.

Altho they didn't want it W.Peters & NZFirst is gonna be the Nats lifeline.

Peters will guarantee supply & oppose asset sales from the cross benches. Key & co will persuade someone anyone to vote for their sell-off. Some sleek shit will grab the overseas posting scenario & cross the floor.
Even if they don't flog off the hydro dams, they will stay in govt and do mobs of other bad shit.

Slimy lawyers Minter Ellison Rudd Watts have been flat out like a lizard drinking putting together the power generation fire sale for nearly 12 months now. This carefully structured deal ensures nearly every Nat 'contributor' since Jimmy Fletcher 'bought a round' back in 1948 gets to 'wet their beak' in the lake of citizens assets. The ones we all paid for whilst 'they', the Nat backers, evaded their taxes

At 19/11/11 4:49 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Key and the media will kiss and make up. The sound that worries me is not what might be on that tape, but the sound of jack ugg boots marching as Key and his mates take away more and more of our rights. Using a police team led by an inspector because our great leader said a few things he's embarassed about and seeing blind Nactional supporters cheering him on tells me many of my fellow kiwis will be strewing flowers on the road as the jackboots march. I am very afraid for our country.

At 19/11/11 5:05 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Bomber, I don't think you need to ask Phoebe such leading questions. For example, when you ask about Afghanistan, I suspect she might already know it has a corrupt torturing narcoregime :-)


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