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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Citizen A on line now with Selwyn Manning and Phoebe Fletcher

Citizen A this week with Selwyn Manning and Phoebe Fletcher

Issue 1 - Week 2 of our 4 week election campaign, who won, who lost? Did Labour show us the money, did their top 10 make a dent and how have the minor parties fared?

Issue 2 - Poll shows National's hardline welfare policy is a hit with Green and Labour Party voters - are the poor no longer worthy of help and simply victims of their own misfortune in today's status culture?

Issue 3 - How dodgy is the V8 super cars coming to Auckland after the fiasco in Hamilton?

Citizen A now plays 8pm Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89 Fridays



At 12/11/11 1:25 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Closing the gaps....what a joke that was! TPK: oops...the 'expert' accountants that are part of a corporatised gubbamint (those ones they bring back from Australia in the hope they might add credibility in employment disputes) have fucked up yet again!...and they do so annually. Oh dear...we've underspent in our operational.....Please underlings...can you go crazy! "Buy up large"! "Split invoices if you have to" (so it doesn't show as capex - put your jobs on the line....bullshit as hard as you can. Quay Computers and Direct Solutions - work out some tidy little numbers for us will ya? awww Please....pretty please.
FFS! Decorporatise the Public Service.
Does anyone else remember what corporatisation of the Public Service was supposed to bring? Buzzwords like transparency, accountability - all that crap.
Thank God there's prolly a database sitting in Las Vegas somewhere, constructed on the basis of Y2K "risk" (Indeed there is, plus another in Wainuiomata of all places) that might prove what utter kaka that idea was.
More immediate though is the little feifdoms that operate amongst our pubic service.
What's sad is that (using the closing the gaps example) our public service operates IN SPITE of it's "leaders" (joke title), rather than as a result of them.
Shame Labour! even greater shame Nactional!!


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