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Friday, November 25, 2011

The celebration of our democracy - why you should vote tomorrow.

Let's be clear.

I loathe National. I loathe the manner in which they have been able to con the 60% of NZ who earn less than $30 000 to support policy which is ultimately counter productive to their long term benefit and believe if National win on Saturday it will be the death of egalitarianism as we understand it in NZ.

I loathe that National have borrowed billions to give the rich tax cuts and handed out billions in corporate welfare while dumping on the poor.

I loathe the right wings selfishness as a virtue with all the ethical complexity of 'me first and the gimmie, gimmies'. I think it is an obscenity that 200 000 children are in poverty while 150 of the richest families made $7 billion in one year and think it is abhorrent that the poorest members of society are being asked to do with less because of an economic collapse they had no hand in making.

As I have asked a thousand times, how many solo mothers in South Auckland were on the phone to their Wall st stock broker in 2008 buying lite crude in Euros while speculating on the Goldman Sachs derivatives market?

In the words of Scribe - not many if any.

I think it is an intellectual absurdity to counter a global economic recession caused by low tax deregulation free market Milton Friedman dogma by implementing more low tax deregulation free market Milton Friedman dogma domestically.

If National win, I will be there every day of their 3 year term attacking their venal farmer and banker self interest while damning the soft fondling the media give Key rather than hold him to account.

All that said, let us rejoice.

Let us be grateful as we gear up to participate in our democracy that the transfer of political power can be handed over in our country without violence or intimidation. Whatever challenges we face as a country, we should be thankful that our liberal progressive democracy demands a civil society which in of itself benefits and enriches us all.

Your participation in the democratic process free of coercion on Saturday is the real freedom we should rejoice in and we should all celebrate our democracy for guaranteeing that process.

However we vote, we should all respect that we can vote.

Kia kaha NZ.



At 25/11/11 9:34 am, Blogger Raph NZ said...

What ever happened to:
Fuck this I just wanna burn shit down!
Don't vote it just encourages them!
The only good politician is a dead politician.
I need this parade like I need a bullet in my head.

All joking obviously glad to be in a democracy, even if we have the police raiding media outlets and media outlets still signing the right wing song.

At 25/11/11 10:35 am, Blogger Brewerstroupe said...

Loved this comment in the Herald:

Hone Putea ()
12:55 PM Thursday, 24 Nov 2011
Remember the last time New Zealanders fell for the "he is so rich he must be smart" line? The pump and dump days of Bob Jones - who fled to Sydney, abandoning the detritus that became ACT and with thousands of "Mum and Dad" investors threatening to skewer his gizzard on a stick.

In his dotage Jones has taken to writing volumes praising the Humanities and public education.

Mr Key made an obscene fortune trading chips in a Casino game where he and his colleagues could make or break the rules. That game is now over and some players who left the tables too late do soft time in open prisons or face charges - insider trading, asset parking a la Merrill Lynch's favourite client, Enron. Once again, "Mums and Dads" pick up the tab and watch the value of their hard won personal assets tank.

Its a cyclical thing, as old as the mythical philosopher's stone. Money for nothing and your chicks for free. Removing public assets permanently from the grasp of such players is the urgent change needed.

Making a one term Government of a one trick pony would indicate an awakening from the recurring dream of alchemy - until next time.

At 25/11/11 8:47 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Well said, Bomber.

One point that may not hold true, should National get back in;

"If National win ... damning the soft fondling the media give Key rather than hold him to account."

I think those days are over.

The media's love affair with Dear Leader ended abruptly when the apparatus of state security (aka, The Police) raided four media companies.

I suspect the media may not take too kindly to such intrusions, and if Key thinks he got a "grilling" from the press over the fake Standard & Poors "email" - he ain't seen nuthin' yet.


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