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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blurring the lines? Radio Hauraki bends Electoral Commission rules

This morning, when I was trying to flick between RadioLive and National Radio for political news, my phone jammed on Hauraki FM just in time to catch a parody of the Electoral Commission's ads that has got to be near blurring the lines on the Electoral Commission's rules.

Hi, Orange Guy here. Ok for those of you that still don't get it, on November 26th there is also something called a referendum taking place. So you can have your say on the voting system we use to elect our Parliaments in the future.

At the moment we have MMP, so as an example, if you are on the DPB and/or ACC and spend most of your day at the TAB and eat nothing but KFC, you'll probably want to keep MMP.

If you managed to stay in school past fifth form you'll probably be able to grasp the idea, if not, get your WINZ case manager to explain it to you - if they can.

It's time to wise up retards, make an educated decision or I'll be putting my foot in your lazy, dumb ass.

The Electoral Handbook says that Third Parties including television and radio are free to run their own ads supporting or critiquing MMP. However, Hauraki are walking a fine line here by positioning it as identical to one of the Commission's ads. It clearly privileges a certain political perspective taken by some parties on welfare and is very misleading about MMP as a system by equating it with the welfare state.

I've referred this on to the Electoral Commission as this has got to be flouting the lines.

You can listen to the ad here.


At 16/11/11 8:44 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Just what this country needs... media validation of prejudice against beneficiaries. *facepalm*

At 17/11/11 12:23 am, Blogger Ovicula said...

Hauraki used to be rebels. Now they're just old.


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