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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

At the break down

Labour are heavy hitting at this point in the campaign, but they are all above the waist (unlike Cunliffe's jibe at Judith Collins earlier in the week). NZHerald:

Labour released a list of 15 quotes from National promising economic recovery today, following on from an earlier list of top ten National Government failings.

Labour's finance minister David Cunliffe said the list showed National had consistently talked up an economic recovery that has not eventuated.

"The quotes have come thick and fast over the past two years, but they have all been meaningless and cynical in terms of a real recovery," said Mr Cunliffe.

The narrative of economic incompetence and malaise is being built by Labour and on the other side the Nats construct their own story of Labour's fiscal shortcomings. It's difficult to say which is more resonant with the masses, but if Labour focus on Asset sales as the main point of difference they should keep charting a strong course.

As for Labour's hopes of governing, their potential coalition options are not at all as obvious as National's - Brash, Banks, Turia and Sharples. Brash in an economic portfolio in a Tory government should be enough of a negative prospect to scare the horses back into the Labour paddock, but what are labour's options?

Goff has ruled out Hone - but notably he hasn't rules out Mana as such. Winston says he will sit in opposition no matter what.. WTF?... so that leaves Labour with the Greens. They will not sell any assets, but how viable is that combo if it needs the likes of Winston and John Minto to keep it on the Treasury benches? This is Labour - and the left's - tallest hurdle - National's incumbency advantage. No-one is really asking what a National coalition government will look like - they should. It won't be business as usual it will be head-long asset sales and punitive welfare crack downs. An unoriginal and futile combination that doesn't solve any underlying issues.

I note the iPredict stocks on Labour have dipped into potential meltdown territory - and Mana is up over 2% (with an estimated 3 MPs). So things are shaky and time is running out.


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