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Friday, October 21, 2011

Te OneOne: free to walk the land

And who should I see sitting outside the bakery this morning on Opotiki's main street? I thought he was due to be released in December - I hadn't filed any appeal or anything else - I'm still waiting for the obstructive registrars and judge to give me his file so I can do that. And there he was - free. Thank goodness, but how did this happen? This is as extraordinary as his in absentia sentencing on the 6th October was. He said they had released him - without warning or explanation on Wednesday.

Is he really as much trouble as he says - helping to get prisoners released? Is that why they let him go? Or was the in absentia sentencing and denial of a defence unlawful and they had no right to imprison him in the first place? Had someone else intervened on his behalf? I will find out the details and post on it later.

Those Crown pricks operating with impunity in the circus of the lower jurisdiction may think that because he has been released that what they have done will now just go away - that won't happen. This case is now pointing in the direction of the Supreme Court.



At 23/10/11 11:31 pm, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

I commented on the earlier story that this had to be taken to the highest courts as it was obviously so far out of order it was beyond funny !! Me thinks your blog entry has been bought to their attention and looking at it from the way u described it - well it just doesnt look very kosher does it Tim. I'd guess they are hoping you are toooo busy to bother pursuing it and with him out, everythings right with the world (but it very nearly wasn't a half hour or so ago!!) you'll let it slid.

Watch this space.


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