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Monday, October 17, 2011

Spill watch

On the coast outside Opotiki today - monitoring Waiotahi beach for any oil. Thankfully none was found. Unconfirmed reports put some of the spill reaching Whale Island (just visible in the background to the right of me in this picture) so it seems only a matter of time before it starts washing up this far around the Eastern Bay of Plenty - and beyond.

People from this district left for oil clean up training in Tauranga this morning. There is a growing realisation that with the government authorities so utterly inept that they leave it to leak at source without any attempt whatsoever to contain it that it will be up to a mass mobilisation effort of the local population to deal with it when it inevitably reaches their shores.

With bad weather ahead and the Rena in danger of breaking up still with so much oil on board I hope this isn't the last picture of what a pristine coastline this was. As I said soon after it wrecked, every drop of that oil into the environment will be the responsibility of John Key. At the moment the responsibility is at Matata and heading towards Whakatane and Ohope. Next stop is where I am and I will keep you informed of what happens.


At 19/10/11 2:07 pm, Blogger Frank said...

If, after this, any government goes ahead with deep-sea oil drilling then we have been warned what lies in store for us.

God help us if, as a nation, we are stupid enough to go ahead with deep sea drilling.


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