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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sensible Sentencing Trust part of the redneck reactionary problem not the solution

Murder rate lowest for 25 years
The recorded murder rate has dropped by almost 50 per cent in the last year - the lowest since fiscal year reporting began in 1986, according to figures released by police today.

The myopic fear the Shire Volk of NZ have on crime is not based on reality, it is middle class fear of losing their precious stuff from their leafy suburbs that drives the reactionary redneck talkhate bullshit that National and ACT (and even Labour) harness.

With a 'it if bleeds it lead's mainstream media who throw more and more crime into news bulletins, politicians like Crusher Collins and Simon Power have done more than anyone else to capture that anger and manipulate it into one of the highest incarceration rates in the OECD.

Even as the self deluded fear of the middle class Shire Volk is shown up to be as delusional as Nationals optimism over the economy, no word from the hate mongering Crusher Collins that we will stop building more private prisons that make a profit from locking up more and more NZers, Christ even Bill English described our tough on crime redneck knee jerk prison system as a 'moral and fiscal failure'.

And yet that crypto-fascist Garth McVicars still thinks he and his privately funded Sensible Sentencing Trust (do they or do they not receive money from the private prison industry?) have anything to add...

Claims of unfair treatment of Maori 'ludicrous'
The statement that Maori are unfairly treated by the police is "ludicrous" and portrays a head in the sand mentality, says the Sensible Sentencing Trust.

...what is ludicrous is that one of the largest get tough on crime reactionaries has any credibility. This is the man who wanted Tent Prison camps set up on the desert road with chain gangs breaking rocks. He and his Trust are part of the problem, even when the middle class fear of crime from the Shire Volk is shown up for the empty fear it is, here he is supporting the racist regime of the NZ Police that sees more and more Maori and poor thrown into prison.

With all the legal safe guards removed and civil rights eroded by this Government you would think NZers would wake up. Sadly however, it won't be until one of their children is nailed by the cops and have their DNA taken from them that those middle class leafy suburbs will demand action.

How typically NZ.



At 4/10/11 12:24 pm, Blogger fatty said...

as the economy continues to fall we will reconsider our treatment of 'criminals'....it may take a while for people to come to their senses, but it will happen.

Brash did exactly that when he started talking about weed as an economic issue...although it was a lam and desperate attention-seeking stunt, he did use an economic lens on crime...one which will become more common and necessary.

Is this the beginning of a more holistic view of crime,as it finally dawns on us that capitalism and individualization are constraining society, rather than progressing it?

I hope the economy crashes harder than we can imagine

At 4/10/11 2:23 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"I hope the economy crashes harder than we can imagine"
It's a nasty thought, but one that I think is neccesary to refocus peoples thoughts on what is real and important.


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