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Friday, October 28, 2011

Schloppy Trader

Before we jump to the conclusion that it was the drunken captain's birthday that caused the Rena running aground, let us consider the option a little closer to home.

NZ Herald: Engine failure is thought to have caused a container ship to crash into rocks at Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty.

Port of Tauranga said the 133 metre container ship Schelde Trader hit rocks as it was exiting the port 10:35am.

No oil was observed in the water and there was not thought to be any risk of a spill.

Operations manager Nigel Drake said it seemed the incident was due to mechanical failure rather than human error, he said. Something had gone wrong with the engine of the ship before it hit the rocks, he said.

Maritime New Zealand spokesman Ross Henderson said the vessel was at secure and there were no reports of injuries to crew.

"They're saying the damage to the ship has been superficial but they're getting that seen to right now," Maritime New Zealand said.

The port said the ship is now under the control of tugs outside the harbour entrance.

What control? The Rena disaster and now this. The one thing we can say about the Port of Tauranga and the harbourmaster is there is no control.


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