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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NZ Thirst

Winston Peters is an intolerant bigot, and much to serious to put up with anyone of his candidates taking the piss... literally:

NZN:A political party has forced one of its election candidates to withdraw after he went on television and talked about drinking his own urine every day to improve his health.

New Zealand First's Joe Glenn was New Zealand First's candidate in Rimutaka and says he was asked to stand down after taking part in the 20/20 programme.

Mr Glenn, a 69-year-old former SAS soldier, says he's "gutted" but there's no point arguing because the order apparently came from party leader Winston Peters, the Dominion Post reported.

File under LOL. I bet Winny choked his scotch out his nose when he saw that on TV.

Not sure about the health efficacy, but as a candidate slugging back your own urine and then going off to kiss all the old ladies on the hustings that isn't going to go down well. And the writing is on the wall for that other candidate with the shit-eating grin...


At 19/10/11 1:58 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Damn you, Tim! I nearly sprayed my coffee (not scotch) over the monitor and keyboard when I read this!!

You should warn us at the beginning of stories like this. ROFLMAO!!!

Christ, no wonder we don't have political satire on TV anymore - nothing can compete with Real Life!!


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