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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Nation and Q+A review

Q+A 74 480
The Nation (Saturday) 20 170

Jump for The Nation on Saturdays, haven't seen the Sunday ratings, but Q+A dropping to 74 480 is a disgrace. With Air NZ funding being decided in the next couple of weeks, it is likely Q+A will win and The Nation will get the chop. Their funding runs out first week of December so our current affairs shows will get amputated just as scrutiny is needed. Crosby Textor can't dream of stuff like this. When Radio Live! are just handing out hour long propaganda slots to the Prime Minister which become a 'politics free zone', you have to wonder if we are living in Cuba or Venezuela.

The Nation
OH. MY. GOD! The Nation is amazing this week! It must be the fact that John Key has refused to appear on The Nation for the rest of the year that The Nation team have decided they have nothing to lose and are asking the bloody hard questions, and sweet Jesus Duncan is a wonder to behold.

Duncan is on fire. He is ripping Phil Heatley to pieces on State Houses. It's a good old fashioned beat down. The Mainstream media have ignored this issue of housing, and its great to see it actually challenged. Well done The Nation.

The National Government are destroying the State Housing stock and have spun that they are 'increasing housing stock' when the need far out strips their joke 'increase'. WHERE WILL THEY MOVE ON TO PHIL? Phil keeps saying like a mantra that Tenants won't be in State Housing for life, where will you move them to Phil? Those on the bones of their arse will be forced into private accommodation and they will have their wage related rent benefit stripped from them. They will be worse off $80 per week! Duncan brilliantly challenges Phil on the amount of money these so called rich tenants have, and he claims he doesn't know. That's fine says Duncan, because we've taken the numbers from your press release - you can actually see Phil gulp in the replay - turns out these 'rich' tenants earn $29 000, that's minimum minimum wage. These working poor on the bones of their arse will be kicked out of a State Home and will have to find $80 extra a week???

Where will these people find $80 extra a week in this economy?

You should be ashamed of yourself Phil Heatley.

Next up brilliant piece on the poverty in South Auckland. The mainstream media are still missing what is actually happening there, it's good to see The Nation shedding some light.

Sue Kedgley interview is brilliant. She will be such a loss to NZ politics with her leaving Parliament. Her wisdom and strength of ethical conviction is something every NZer can feel inspired by. Sean does an excellent interview.

One of the best 'The Nation' episodes of the year.

They are focusing on the economic meltdown. Anderton vs Douglas - one last time - kill him Jim. Kill him.

The news update still sucks because it uses the bullshit mainstream media update, which is why I'm watching Q+A, to escape that crap.

SHOCK HORROR: The Government admits that it is at war and not 'mentoring' and Q+A give it a mere glancing comment? Really? Government caught out lying about John Stevenson for two years and it's a comment? Was it relegated to a mere comment because Guyon was shown up to be such a puppet of the NZ military department?


Good call on how vacant John Key's optimism is. On Tuesday he was telling the country how great he was at saving the economy, and then on Friday we had a credit down grade. How did Key respond? Do a Radio Live! one hour 'politics free' propaganda hour

Guyon has been told to kill Bill English as even the National Party cheerleaders are spooked at how delusional Key has become. Some one has to get a spanking, Bill's cheeks are the ones that are on offer. Guyon gets to spanking. He's pretty weak.

Guyon throws Bill English's fears of a downgrade back at him. English had said he would expect it would put pressure on mortgages, now he pretends it won't. Bill has to speak in measured tones so as not to wake the sleepy hobbits who are all enthralled by the RWC manufactured chatter. This credit downgrade is a massive blow to the Government and Key has to do a lot more smiling and waving to keep everyone from asking questions other than can he save Coro St.

It's going to be a hard task when even the right wing pundits are reeling from the downgrade ...

Downgrade gives Key's foes great ammunition
Putting off campaigning until after Cup no longer an option for Nats.

...when Fran O'freaking Sullivan is criticizing Key and his economic mis-management, sleepy hobbits will get worried that their faith in smile and wave may be misplaced.

I've always argued that the economy would turn before the election, the financial cancer that was swept under the carpet in 2008 simply could not be hidden any longer than 2011 and the economy will be the most pressing issue. Key's free market solutions to a crises caused by free market delusions alongside his vacant aspiration will go up against a Phil Goff who has been written off in the TV debates and will surprise viewers if Goff wins the argument.

Bill English knows this isn't looking good, and has to hide how bad things really are.

Gareth Morgan savages the delusion, and points out China is slowing which means we will be impacted much worse than Bill is claiming. Sir Paul also puts the boot into the Governments delusion as well. The only ones not putting the boot in apparently are all the remaining NZers who keep saying through these deeply flawed landline methodology opinion polls that they all love John Key deeply and passionately.

Hilariously we are being told Maori love Kelvin now - are you serious? The same joke methodology claimed Hone was only ahead by 1% in the by-election, he won by over 9%.

This panel point out things are much worse than the Government are letting on and that their plan just to sell of our assets and give the rich tax cuts won't do a thing to prepare us for the worsening economic conditions.

Think of it like this. A Tsunami is coming and all Key has proposed as protection is one umbrella down at the beach.

The Panel comprising of Mike Williams, Michelle Boag and that woman they bring in when Jon can't make it. She's pretty crap. Chelle says she never saw the global collapse coming which isn't surprising as Bill didn't see the credit downgrade coming even though he'd met the credit agencies them last week.

The reality is the crash of 2008 set in motion very predicatble avalanches we saw after 1929 and we are following the same path. Our political leaders seem not to understand that in any way shape or form.

Chelle says we have to get used to it. That's visionary Chelle. She insinuates that we need to let China buy more land. Great.

Why isn't Cunliffe on?

That idiot woman claims it is the electoral finance act that stops Key from asking questions. OH WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE SHIT! All Radio Live had to so is put Key on the radio for an hour with an interviewer. Of course he could have been interviewed, Radio Live chose to allow him to host the show, as if it's Cuba.

Anderton vs Douglas - please God, let Jim kill him live on TV. Provoke a stroke or something, Douglas is old, I'm sure if Anderton yelled '40% tax for the rich', that would be enough to spook his heart into failure.

Douglas try's to salvage his reputation. It's insulting to our collective intelligence, he should be on trial for crimes against the economy. Douglas claims poverty still exists so none of the money spent on Welfare is worthwhile. Yawn. When he dies lets make sure we separate his head from his body so he can't come back again from the grave.

Oh and Dan Carter is out for the rest of the RWC.



At 3/10/11 11:06 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Bill English looked utterly out of his depth in that interview. I think Espiner held back because he felt pity for the Dipton Dippy.

Must catch up on "The Nation". It sounds like it was a good one!


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