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Monday, October 31, 2011

Key's justification for flogging off assets to fund irrigation in South Island the height of venal self interest

PM reveals asset sales fund plan
Prime Minister John Key's opening address of the National Party election campaign was disrupted by chanting protesters shouting "stop the war on the poor."

About four protesters chanted as they were escorted out of Auckland's Sky City Convention Centre by police.

They returned to a group of picketers outside the venue, where Mana's Waitakere candidate Sue Bradford was speaking through a megaphone.

As they were being escorted out, Mr Key said "they're welcome to come to our launch because they haven't got one of their own."

At the launch, Mr Key announced that National would put the estimated $5 billion to $7 billion proceeds from partial asset sales into a special fund, the Future Investment Fund.

Well done Sue Bradford for leading the charge against John Key and his blatant attempt to screw the poor for the benefit of the rich under the guise of 'education investment'.

According to John Key, we have to sell our assets to pay for the kind of normal investment into schools we would fund out of basic taxation? Seriously - how sleepy are the Hobbits of NZ?

Education investment should come out of basic taxation, National have run out of basic taxation because they are borrowing for tax cuts to the rich and refuse to reverse that decision while ignoring a Capital Gains Tax or a Financial Transaction Tax.

How necessary is a Financial Transaction Tax? According to Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Auckland, Campbell Jones, very necessary.

National are running down Government revenue so badly that they are justifying flogging off our assets to cover this taxation shortfall. What is most disgusting about this short term plan is that the education element is a smokescreen, what National are not being up front about is that this investment fund will also be used to irrigate South Island farmers!

When Key says investment into infrastructure, he really means infrastructure investment into Dairy who continue to steal and pollute our diminishing water resources in the South Island.

That's what we are selling our assets off for? South Island Dairy Industry interests? Shouldn't National be a little more honest? Surely allowing Bill English to have a dirty lignite production facility in his own electorate to power his brother's Federated Farmer's industry cheaply was payment enough to the Dairy industry, we have to flog off our assets to fund their irrigation as well?

Why on earth are we funding a monopoly who benefit from our collective pristine environment yet do some of the worst pollution damage? Even more corporate welfare while social services are slashed at the cost of our assets?

If NZers buy this bullshit, they deserve all they get.



At 31/10/11 11:21 am, Blogger Alison said...

I agree Bomber re Sue Bradford - I wish we could clone her LOL

At 31/10/11 4:09 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Who would have thought that Labour, not National, would have had the more sustainable, prudent, and, yes, necessary economic policy? It's like we are living in bizarro world.
Capital Gains Tax, not selling State Assets, and raising minimum retirement age - all correct calls IMO. I know Maori may not like the latter, because they don't live as long as Pakeha (incidentally in exactly the same way the current system isn't fair to males of any ethnicity). Nonetheless, it is a necessary evil if we want to create a sustainable future for NZ, and start chipping away at what I firmly hold is a STRUCTURAL deficit - i.e. one that can't be cleared by easy painless measures, or rosy wishful and completely unrealistic thinking for future revenue. John Key and his followers are, by literally every measure, idiots.


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