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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Key smiles and waves, he can't multi-task handshakes as well

Key commits World Cup handshake faux pas
After the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, Prime Minister John Key became a minor YouTube hit for his mangled pronunciation of the word "trophy" which came out as "trotie".

Now a new faux-pas that is threatening to go viral as well.

On Sunday night Mr Key was called forward to present the Webb Ellis Cup to All Blacks captain Richie McCaw after the World Cup final.

IRB chairman Bernard Lapasset got there before him, however, and had the first shot at a congratulatory pump on the skipper's hand.

Mr Key – either blindsided by Mr Lapasset's quick grasp or over-eager not to miss out – thrust his own hand into the mix.

Rather than retreat when McCaw could not reciprocate, however, Mr Key went on a fishing mission with his right hand, clasping at the grip between McCaw and Lapasset.

A Facebook community has sprung up proclaiming it: "That awkward moment when John Key crashes your handshake."

God he's a clown isn't he? Cannibalism jokes, camp mincing at RWC volunteer uniform launches, his Boris Yeltsin sober routine at the RWC opening and now this hilarious crashing of the RWC handshake.

John Key's weird 'me too' triple handshake smacked of the type of desperation awkward kids at blue light discos exhibit.

Key does smile and wave, he can't multi-task and do handshakes as well.



At 25/10/11 8:53 am, Blogger Frank said...

More than one wag has hinted at Key's penchant for threesomes...

At 25/10/11 9:27 am, Blogger jane said...

nar, he just likes threesomes...

At 25/10/11 4:52 pm, Blogger Raph NZ said...

The Right Honourable Joke.

At 26/10/11 10:46 pm, Blogger Frank said...

So let me get this straight... anything/everything to do with rugby is now de-facto under the 100% control of the IRB?!

Damn, the Soviet Politburo would be nodding in approval!


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