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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Keith Locke: NZ hero

He has been one of the great human rights activist politicians this country has ever seen and his valedictory speech should be recognized. His tireless work to be a voice for social justice is an inspiration to all NZers, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Keith on many issues from Ahmed Zaoui's release to free Palestine protest marches. He is a great NZer who has never been given the respect he deserves by the right wing who still continue to misrepresent his comments on the Khmer Rouge.

He has been an ethical presence in a Parliament that has been devoid of such intellect.

It has been an honor fighting alongside you Keith.



At 2/10/11 12:08 pm, Blogger Tash said...

Cheers Keith, don't let being out of the House give you an excuse to put your feet up, I saw you speak on Cuba St yesterday, we need you and your kind now more than ever.


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