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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Images summing up the Governments response to Rena

Dear John Key, the free market is not going to clean up the oil spill, Adam Smiths invisible hand can't help scoop up toxic sludge caused by deregulated safety standards.

If we can't cope with an accident outside a port, how on earth could we deal with a deep sea drilling accident at a depth several times deeper than the Gulf of Mexico leak?

The mocking of the Governments inaction is white hot online satire at its best

John Key has challenged his critics 'what would you have done' over his Governments impotent response to Rena. Um, John, mate YOU ARE THE PRIME MINISTER, it's not all free helicopter rides and drinks with the Prince, it's about leadership. His Government couldn't move fast enough to take the RWC off the Super City, shrugging and saying, 'what would you do' is beneath the position of PM.



At 13/10/11 10:45 am, Blogger Grassroots said...

JOHN KEY wants to know what we would do!!!???

- Invest in a specialised quick response ship a year ago when advised.

- Take oil off ship using local expertise while weather was fine (even though according to Director of Maritime NZ Catherine Taylor this would have created legal and insurance issues with ships owners). SO WHAT!?

- Listen to local experts that wanted to help (including a member of the Deep Water Horizon response team and local ship captains with several decades of experience- these guys have attended local meetings and are pissed off!).

- Acknowledge the full environmental disaster and acknowledge the similar environmental risks involved with deep sea oil drilling. Rena up to 1700 tonnes of oil (2 million litres) + toxic cargo + 300 tonnes of Corexit dispersant sprayed so far. Deep Water Horizon spill= 780 million litres of oil.

- Stop the Environment Minister telling people on the news and at public meetings that Corexit oil dispersant is no more dangerous than dish washing liquid. A quick google search shows that this has been proven false by scientists and it's banned in many countries. Stop using it and warn the public that the coastline is now covered in carcinogenic chemicals!

- Inform public that if inhaled even a small particle of oil can be potentially fatal (advised by local Doctor). All local volunteers and public should be supplied with face masks when on beach.

- Declare a state of emergency to ensure full access to all resources necessary to avoid worse case scenario.


At 13/10/11 12:44 pm, Blogger Dominic said...

Back in 2008, you could type 'clueless' into Google's New Zealand search engine, and the first result would be John Key's personal website. In retrospect, it was certainly apt.

At 13/10/11 10:47 pm, Blogger be.fre said...

This is the clearest warning we have regarding the risks of Petrobras drilling of the East Coast.

We can't coe with 300 tonnes of fuel oil.

We certainly won't be able to cope if a deep-drilling rig blows apart like the one last year in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are New Zealanders collectively so thick as to allow this to happen?

God help us all... I think we are.

At 14/10/11 8:26 am, Blogger countryboy said...

' Director of Maritime NZ Catherine Taylor said this would have created legal and insurance issues ... ' Exactly ! There in lies the rub ! It's the greedy , mafioso fucking insurance scum who rule the roost here . While we're scraping our beaches clean and watching wild life die , those bastards make millions ! And ... While we scrape our beaches clean and watch as helpless animals die as insurance scam artists running the polite protection rackets we know as insurances make millions , our politicians kiss their arses and bow and scrape to them ! This is the Milton Friedman Global Economy for ya ! It's where the insanity of feverishly groping around for all the money overcomes common sense to the detriment of our environment and the things that live in it , including us ! I believe the inaction over the grounding of the Rena was driven simply by the need for the insurance scum to make phone calls to mitigate their losses . Our politicians hold back waiting for the phone calls from them before they could act ! The sniveling cowards ! roger douglas ! You sold us into this despair ! It comes back on you ! You greedy little man ! The pig farmer who kept his pigs in tiny , filthy cages ! And this is just a small part of the legacy of you and your minions ! @Dominic ! key's not clueless ! He's as sharp as the crack of a whip ! He's extremely well educated , well travelled , well connected and well monied . Therefore one might ask ' Why is he being such a little shit ! ? To answer questions with questions ; Who's arses is he covering ? Who's agenda is he proffering ? Who's investments is he protecting ? Just which Corporate Empire has he sold us to ? A leaking ship , a city in ruins , a coal mine full of dead men ? Quite the legacy johnny boy , you sneering little man .


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