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Monday, October 31, 2011

How biased is the right wing NZ Herald?

How biased is the NZ Herald? Disgustingly so. Forget the fact that they give the bore of Babylon, David Farrar, a propagandist for the National Party, unchallenged blog space to sell his soft sell message points, forget the anti-Hone editorials after anti-Hone editorials, just look at the on-line joke they were yesterday.

First is Derek Cheng, possibly the worst political journalist at the Herald who in his review of Q+A yesterday seems to have forgotten that Hone Harawira was even part if the debate! Except for one throw away line, Cheng seems to have 'forgotten' Hone was there, EVEN THOUGH Dr Jon Johansson on Q+A actually said Hone's line on feeding kids was the best! What does Jon know when compared with the intellectual might of Cheng?

Hilariously Cheng concludes Peter Dunne as having won, that could be the most detached from reality comment of the election. I haven't laughed so hard since John Key's crashing of the RWC handshake.

Next is an awful 'article'- and I'm stretching that word as far as I can, with Alice Neville. This isn't an interview, it reads more like a date, how the hell did this manage to get past the news editor? It should have 'advertorial' written above it.

Then there is the gossip columnist writing political reviews of ACT?

Wtf? Since when the hell did we look to the E Channel for political enlightenment? The NZ Herald is so terribly biased they make Fox News look objective.

Thank God newspapers are dying slowly.



At 31/10/11 7:52 am, Blogger happynz said...

I read the articles you linked.

Ewwww...those have righty love spunk all over them, especially the Alice Neville bit. Your choice of the adjective 'awful' shows remarkable restraint.

At 31/10/11 8:08 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Wings ... wings are for chickens and airplanes . It's a term that no longer belongs to NZ political ideologies used to differentiate between opposing points of view . That old chicken has molted and died from the shock of it . What we have now is a new era of flightless bird ... Greed . Greed is good . Get more than you can eat , drink , drive , live within , wear , consume and even marry . More is better and the more you have , much more than you could ever use , is best of all . key has fifty million dollars of your money . Yes ! That's right ! It was once your money ( Read A Vision Betrayed . The decline of democracy in New Zealand by Tony Simpson to get some idea of where key and his ilk were excreted from . ) . key knows about greed being best . So do they all . The oligarchy that was spawned by satan durning the heady 1980's greed festival is coming back to bite us on the arse . They tell us that it is our fault that we struggle . Of course they will ! They tell the poor , defenseless , unemployable and unemployed that it is their fault that ' they ' only made 7 billion for themselves when , as we all know super yachts don't come cheap , even if they are made in China . Of course they will . When we talk wings , do they phone each other to get their stories straight ? I bet the fuckers do ! When we try anything to make the myth of a brighter future seem more a reality and less a load of poisonous lies being vomited up for some sycophantic media minion to fawn over do they plan their post election , beach resort get togethers ? You fucking bet they do ! key is a vacant little man peddling an agenda . goff is a liar and pretends to forget the part he played in our plummeting standard of living and he's hoping like hell he'll not be found out . We are but an innocent and gullible four million people , blinded by the strobe light effect of a bias media to look the other way as these burglars run from our houses with our shit under their arms .


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