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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dear Radio Live! This is NZ, not Cuba

Dear Radio Live!

This is NZ, only Cuba or Venezuela hand over hour long 'politics free' propaganda slots to the leader - honestly, the day our credit rating is downgraded, and Key is talking about his cat and Coro st?


This matters because Key has shit down interviews on bFM, Kiwi FM and blocked Radio NZ interviews and won't appear on The nation for the entire election.

So the only time he comes forward to be held accountable and it's a 'politics free zone'. Oh for fucks sake!

The really insulting bit of this is the claim that John Key couldn't talk about politics as his hosting of the show ran up against the electoral laws. What a load of horse shit. All Radio Live! had to do is put an interviewer in the room with Key for the hour and interview him that way, by allowing him to host the show they amputated any ability to hold the clown to account!

For Christ's sake - he was boasting about the economy in Parliament on Tuesday, by Friday our credit was downgraded and all we had from our PM was his view on his bloody cat?

If Helen Clark had boasted the economy was doing well, and by the end of the week the credit downgraded, TVNZ would be playing her claims of economic robustness juxtaposed with the downgrade on a 24 hour loop. Key does it and all he has to answer is questions on Coro St?

Come on NZ, aren't you a wee bit embarrassed that this is your functioning fourth estate?



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