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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

$5million RWC Party Central hangover!

MORE MONEY FOR THIS BLOODY RWC? Are you kidding me? So incompetent is this Government they are sticking us with a bloody bill for their final big rugby piss up? That's almost half the budget per year Creative NZ hands out for the entire country, why the hell are we paying for the Governments inability to listen to criticism that this Party Central was always going to be a mistake 20 months ago?

Key spent 3 years saying come to party central, and when everyone did, he blamed Len Brown.

I've always disliked the weird hold Rugby has over this nation when many more important issues get little or no attention, and now we are having to pay more for a glorified piss up?

Gavin Ellis criticized my 'bile' over the RWC opening on Radio NZ, what he missed was that it wasn't my bile I had a problem with, it was the ankle deep vomit and bile of drunk rugby fans that I had to avoid the day after as I wnet about my day that I had a problem with.

The Government made this RWC part of their election campaign, to date it's been ill planned and shown up the horrific underfunding of Aucklands infrastructure while highlighting the Government stacked Council Controlled Organisations they rammed through under urgency.

The sleepy hobbits are still transfixed like a rabbit in the headlights over the manufactured RWC chatter, once that is over Key will want to tour the country with the Cup to every corner of the country to avoid politics as much as he did on his bullshit Radio Live show, our responsibility as citizens is to demand more scrutiny from our media and politicians.



At 4/10/11 10:33 am, Blogger Arto said...

WTF? Why are the govt spending even more millions on shit that won't even be there in 3 weeks time? Dan Carter got injured so the Allblacks are lost anyway! Oh I forgot! The elections are upon us again!

At 4/10/11 3:35 pm, Blogger bchapman said...

All that money spent on Capt Cook wharf so far- has anybody actually turned up to use the facilities there yet?

At 5/10/11 2:53 am, Blogger fatty said...

If this world cup was a night on the piss, then this $5 Million is a blowjob from a hooker on the way home...the damage is already done...we may as well go out with a bang


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