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Thursday, September 29, 2011

You have blood on your hands John Key

John Key milking Afghanistan for freedom and democracy purposes

So Lance Corporal Smith was killed in this needless and pointless war because of a family feud???

However Dutch investigative journalist, Bette Dam, told Radio New Zealand Afghan authorities had told her the soldiers may have been caught up in a family feud.

She said she was told the SAS and the Afghan allies were incorrectly told by one family that the home was occupied by Taleban bomb-makers.

The governor of Warduk told her the Afghan man who was killed, Younus Khan, was innocent, as were nine others who were injured.

"The governor's office told me that the people actually in the house that got raided were unarmed," she said.

"A lot of things are not clear yet, but for me, from he governor's office and even from the head of the response unit, there seems to be a different situation than you expect, like a Taleban being in the house, trying to Kabul, here at a hotel or whatsever - that seems not the case."

She understood the bullet that killed Lance Corporal Smith "came from in or around" that house.

NO! NO! NO! A country so warped by US policy that funded the very Islamist fundamentalists in the 1980s who ended up ripping the country asunder, a country that the CIA fostered heroin production to pay for a multitude of dirty wars, a country that has now been flooded by Blackwater mercenaries who butcher without judicial oversight and who expand a dangerous destruction of national sovereignty while making billions in war money.

NO MORE NZ INVOLVEMENT IN THIS FILTH! We are not protecting freedom and democracy, we are propping up American hegemony and a corrupt narco state while handing civilians over to known torture units.

John Key's desire to be a lap dog to the US means that his promise to bring back our SAS in March will be the first promise he breaks if re-elected. Lance Corporal Smith and his whanau just paid for Key's price of giving up an independent foreign policy.

The Gunner's Lament

A Maori gunner lay dying
In a paddyfield north of Saigon,
And he said to his pakeha cobber,
"I reckon I've had it, man!

'And if I could fly like a bird
To my old granny's whare
A truck and a winch would never drag
Me back to the Army.

'A coat and a cap and a well-paid job
Looked better than shovelling metal,
And they told me that Te Rauparaha
Would have fought in the Vietnam battle.

'On my last leave the town swung round
Like a bucket full of eels.
The girls liked the uniform
And I liked the girls.

'Like a bullock to the abattoirs
In the name of liberty
They flew me with a hangover
Across the Tasman Sea,

'And what I found in Vietnam
Was mud and blood and fire,
With the Yanks and the Reds taking turns
At murdering the poor.

'And I saw the reason for it
In a Viet Cong's blazing eyes -
We fought for the crops of kumara
And they are fighting for the rice.

'So go tell my sweetheart
To get another boy
Who'll cuddle her and marry her
And laugh when the bugles blow,

'And tell my youngest brother
He can have my shotgun
To fire at the ducks on the big lagoon,
But not to aim it at a man,

'And tell my granny to wear black
And carry a willow leaf,
Because the kid she kept from the cold
Has eaten a dead man's loaf.

'And go and tell Keith Holyoake
Sitting in Wellington,
However long he scrubs his hands
He'll never get them clean.'

James K Baxter

No matter how much you scrub your hands John, you'll never get them clean.

NZ out of Afghanistan now!



At 29/9/11 2:33 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"John Key's desire to be a lap dog to the US means that his promise to bring back our SAS in March will be the first promise he breaks if re-elected."

The FIRST promise he's broken?! Surely, thou jests, Bomber??

Let me remind folks of how many promises Key has broken,







Any can feel free to use the images/text that I,ve linked to.


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