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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Urewera terrorism fiasco

The Urewera 18 were a group of chums who played soldier up in the ranges and were targeted as a radical training camp and as a result felt the full force of Police paranoia and over reaction.

Now while I have little time for activists or activist gangsters who pick up guns (activists don't pick up guns, activists win because our argument is better), and accept that if it had been the National Front who had been running around playing militia, then I would want an eye cast over their activities as well. But. The Police over reaction in a land steeped in as much righteous historic injustice as Tuhoe land in an almost identical incident to their original land confiscation was ignorant and offensive in the extreme.

Tame Iti and his merry militia are no more terrorists than I am, (except they go camping), they should never have been apprehended in this manner with these powers, if the concern was so great the Police should have gone directly to Tame Iti to discuss the issue with him, the fact was that the local Police would go to Tame Iti as an outreach person they could use to talk down any hot headedness by any of the locals.

When a blind panicked post 9/11 Parliament breathlessly passed the Terrorism Suppression Act in 2002 , the Green Party and the Maori Party predicted it would be used against Maori and activists, not against terrorists. The Act was found to be so impossible to use, the Judge had no problem dumping it.

Let's remember this all happened on Howard Broad's watch, the same Police clown responsible for the travesty that was the Peter Ellis witch hunt.

No literally, Howard thought there were satanic witches involved in that case.

How someone with such a record could be allowed to run something like this at such an immense cost to the tax payer over a bunch activists playing soldier should horrify us and we should all be very,



very angry.



At 7/9/11 6:52 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

"Tame Iti and his merry militia are no more terrorists than I am,"
Wow, a clear confession of terrorism! And on a public forum no less - so no chance of plausible deniability. Expect a visit from the boys in blue. Sounds like your arse needs some taser'n!

At 7/9/11 8:31 pm, Blogger BlagBlogBlah said...

Well said Bomber. I'm a novice blogist and a trainee internetual. I posted my first blog ever today and on the same subject and from a similar perspectve. Keep up the good work mate.

At 7/9/11 8:55 pm, Blogger Josh said...

Uh, how did the Maori Party warn in 2002 that the Terrorism Suppression Act would be used against Maori when they weren't even formed until 2004?

At 7/9/11 11:03 pm, Blogger Richard Christie said...

In 1991, abuse in child care centers was the horreur de l'époque.

After 2001 it was terrorists, resulting in the Terrorism Suppression Act.

Howard Broad bought both deals, hook line and sinker.

What has the Ellis case cost the country so far? I'd guess there'd be little change from 5 or 6 million, and maybe that's a huge under-estimate , and the Urewera case? well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Well done Howard.

At 8/9/11 4:46 pm, Blogger jane said...

Could someone please explain the differences between: a Ms P Bennet military style boot-camp and a Mr Iti military style training camp (other than the no brainer obvious being the food in the Ureweras cheaper/fresher)?
What astounds me is that the recently reported costs of the government run boot-camps could have fed the whole country for a week (though not at Bellamy's)

At 8/9/11 10:55 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

There are all sorts of reasons why people might want guns in a bush region full of pigs (not the smelly blue ones), goats, and deer. Also, as far as I can tell, Broad must have a very weak mind and is prepared to swallow any satanic or terrorist bullshit coming from the Northern Hemisphere. The government was even weaker to let him get away with it.

At 9/9/11 6:44 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I fully concur, Bomber. The raids were outrageous. The four year delay in justice a total farce.

The term "terror" applies here: the terror caused by jack-booted, masked; heavily armed men, frightening the crap out of our fellow New Zealanders.

In 2007, "Sleeping Dogs" became real. But because it happened mostly to Maori and not White Man Sam Neill - well, Middle Class Baby Boomers don't give a shit.

You know what this country needs, Bomber? (No, not an enema, That was a "Batman" movie.) NZ needs a dose of totalitarian government. Just to give the sleepy hobbit Baby Boomers a real fright and make them more appreciative of their freedoms.

God help me, sheep are more bolshie than Kiwis.

You're angry?

I'm angry.

I said as much here: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/a-travesty-of-justice/

And check out the wally who has left messages on the issue! *facepalm*


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