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Monday, September 05, 2011

Tiki Taane fornicates off the constabulary

Remember when Police cheerleader Greg O'conner said this...

Public will back Tiki Taane's arrest - police union
Police Association president Greg O'Connor believes the officer who arrested entertainer Tiki Taane at a Tauranga nightclub for singing the rap anthem F*** the Police will have the public's backing.

...yeah, well he's shut his mouth today hasn't he?

Thank tha police... Tiki charges dropped
Charges have been dropped against musician Tiki Taane after police opted to settle the controversial case out of court.

By arresting Tiki, the NZ Police had decided that they weren't just the brutal arm of state suppression, they were also music critics.

The mighty Tiki Taane was arrested during a performance at a Tauranga nightclub. He was performing when the Police turned up for one of their tedious random inspections when Tiki busted out the very lovely NWA ditty, 'Fuck the Police'. The Tauranga Police decided they didn't appreciate the song and went back at 3am and arrested Tiki Taane claiming he was causing behavior likely to cause violence. Note it wasn't the cops coming back at 3am to arrest Tiki for singing a song they didn't like that was behavior that would cause violence, oh no, apparently it's the performance of NWA's that can cause violence.

How could him being alone by himself at the end of his gig have been behaviour likely to cause violence? Surely the violence was immediate and needed to be sorted then and there, but no, our boys in blue waited until the end of the gig to return and arrest Tiki.

The Police must be feeling some heat over their blatent abuse of power and decided this morning to drop the charges.

Put this on top of the treatment handed out to a supposed looter in Christchurch alongside the new loosening of taser rules alongside the fake evidence Police used to convict in the latest innocence project and you have a Police force that doesn't deserve respect.

Our cultural cringe of authority worship in NZ allows the Police to get away with a lot, the way the All Blacks do when they cheat. The difference is that with the All Blacks, it's just a dumb game that helps channel the violence in our society and creates manufactured chatter that dominates the mainstream media. When the Police get away with cheating by abusing their power, we all lose.



At 6/9/11 10:49 pm, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

Doesn't that O'connor make you wanta kick the shit outa the TV whenever his swarmy face comes on ??? . . piece of shit he is !!


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